Latin Blast – Indoor 5’s Champion of Champions Winners (NSW)

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Silver Medal – BIT STIFF from Sydney Uni Wednesday Comp.
Bronze Medal – AGEDASHI FC from Sydney Uni Monday Comp.

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  1. When club teams involved in Premier or State league teams try to find court space to train their athletes they find that the courts are taken by operators running comps with the quality of this. How can operators advertise that they are the ones developing the game. No offence to the players involved here but this is the typical rubbish that is played on valuable court space.

    1. Dear Mr Knight,

      This team play in the Indoor 5s local comp. This was a Free comp for all our Div 1 winners ……… yes the same club that was going to sponsor Sydney FC. Yes the same club that has sponsored Sydney FC since it started ………..Yes the same Club that was about to give your Men’s team a free entry into our Ryde comp at Archie’s request for extra training…….. guess what? Not any more so critique that!

  2. since when are these two teams causing problems for any premier or state team. its being played at sydney uni by the looks of it and they are probably paying for the court time as part of their fees too, all local comps do that.

    this is grass-roots stuff you shouldn’t be turning your nose up at. pull your head in and out of the clouds of the elite area for once and . if state and premier clubs can’t fend for themselves when it comes to finding courts to train on then they shouldn’t be playing at that level.

  3. Spot on futsalfan there is 20 odd teams participating in the elite? level with many of them unable to get training facilities and therefor unable to improve the level of the next level of competition. Grass roots community or elite what’s the percentage ratio of court usage that improves the level of the sport?

  4. so why put crap on local teams playing a local comp then? you may as well get angry at all of the basketball teams using court time that could have been allocated to futsal as well or the badminton clubs that hire the courts to play badminton on them. how dare they steal court time from futsal clubs not organised enough to sort out their facilities well ahead of time.

  5. “ No offence to the players involved here but this is the typical rubbish that is played on valuable court space.”

    Word it any way you want but those comments are offensive to the players, and everyone else involved in the Indoor5s Champion Of Champions competitions. Its refreshing to know that the National coach thinks that anyone not in this elite group (that’s about 90% of the futsal population) are “rubbish” and wasting “valuable court space”.

    For the record : The I5s Champion of Champions comp brought together all the Div-1 winners from our various comps. It was played one 1 court, on a Friday night over 3 weeks, a total of 7 hrs court time. Hardly monopolising all the available court space in Sydney. The competition was provided free of change to the teams.

    Finally, and I can’t stress how important this point is, not very smart to criticize the competitions, and insult the members, of one of your clubs loyal sponsors that has been there for the club since day one. Dumb.

    My apologies if our “rubbish” competitions have used valuable court space.

  6. Phil I would have thought the roles of those on the standing committee would be to actively hunt and source court space for the use of grassroots futsal development not to highlight futsal to the world at this level. This is obviously everyones impression of championship futsal.in Australia as this is how it is percieved by those the same standing committee give advice to hence why a competition department for football runs the sport. When the two futsal bodies handed over control of the running of the sport how many members did it hand over and what are the numbers now and how is futsal perceived. Yes real dumb to promise something and deliver nothing. Phil the comment might have hit a nerve I suggest. Instead of giving money give up court space at times when the athlete can recover. Run your comps on Friday or Sunday and give your grassroots space and time to be trained or be the profit driven developer of the sport. For those who have the ability to upload footage go into the AFC you tube site and upload the semifinal and final from the AFC club championship and view a real game of futsal. Their games are filmed with real sponsors who back the club and the sport at a level that we are trying to get to right Phil – by supporting their players to be trained and educated.

  7. Dear Mr Rossi
    Are you stating that you ran these comps for free or the add on Champion of Champions three week round robin for free -that your now advertising the quality of on this forum and or you charged rego and game fees in every centre you operate out of for the length of the comps you ran?
    As a sponsor Archie asked you for court space rather than money but I can now understand that with all these free comps your about to run over the next three months your Monday to Thursday patrons free games far out weigh junior futsal development.
    By the way Mr Rossi can you answer why coaches that coach football national championship teams receive renumeration when coaches that coach at futsal nationals receive a bill at the end of the week.Must be that the futsal coaches don’t try as hard as there football counterparts or that futsal regos are helping with football game development.
    Now that the AFC have introduced AFC women’s and under 21 championships the need for the standing committee to access training facilities for Futsal development becomes even more critical. We all know with no department the work in this regard fall to the people who represents the members. Running comps for the sake of profit with little or no development time halts the sport from improving.
    Futsal is classified as “Non specific game development” and is handled by the organiser who handles special projects including summer 5 a side and with no National standing committee representation and reporting is our sport progressing or stagnating Mr Rossi.

    1. The Friday Women’s comp was completely FREE
      The Friday Champion of Champions was completely FREE

      I offered my court time on Friday for Junior training (Free) and Thursday at Ryde for Men and we were looking at possibly Wednesday at Sydney Uni as well as cash sponsorship to try and help develop a relatively new club but you can shove it now.

  8. who are you actually angry at steven? everyone by the looks of it. not a good look for the national coach. you should be complaining to the ffa not to indoor 5s or frank or anyone else providing futsal to those who want to play. you are the national coach and you of all people are in the strongest position to effect change within the ffa. from what i can see indoor5s have sponsored lots of clubs and teams to help them do whatever they want to do in the futsal world. even at the f-league level with scorpions and warriors. i assume they are able to provide this sponsorship as they have the income from the local comps. the same comps you are whinging about. you can’t have it both ways.

  9. Futsalfan what I asked Mr Rossi for was court space to train the Sydney futsal clubs junior players thats all. I don’t want his money I needed his help to improve and educate these kids by accessing court space. Court space not on Fridays or on synthetic that’s all.
    I get the social muck around you see that’s in community football- I’m talking about trying to improve the quality of 10 12 14 16 boys and girls so that they can take the next step if they wish to – as little or no training from all teams doesn’t improve the sport and therefor stops its progression.
    FFA is not responsible for development the clubs are and therefor the clubs require access to training facilities
    Court space is the issue

    1. You Idiot……… I was offering you courts so you could run your own local comps and from there you could hire court time anywhere.

  10. so if you want court space “not on a friday” why have you had a big dummy spit about a local comp that was being played on a friday? why have you implied this comp was rubbish? pretty poor form on your part. take your complaints to the people that OWN the venues. they are the ones who arent giving you your court time and they are the ones who can give you court time. i can understand why they dont when you spit the dummy like you have here.

  11. Steve – you seem to have gone completely off track from the original issue so this will be my final post on this discussion.

    futsalfan raised a good point, who are you actually angry with ?

    How did we get onto AFC, FFA and payments for state coaches at the Nationals ? This has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion. If you have issues with FNSW or FFA then approach the relevant people though the correct channels, which this is not.

    The article, and discussion, are related to a local club issue, the fact that Frank & I are members of the FNSW Standing Committee is irrelevant to the discussion. Totally separate entities, neither of which has any power, authority or connection to each other.

    Elite development is just one aspect of the sport. It caters for approx 10% of the player base, whereas grassroots caters to the other 90%. Most of the elite clubs operate 4-5 months a year while the SL/PL is in progress, then go into hibernation until next season. Are you saying that venue operators who run local comps 48 weeks a year, year in year out, should suspend or disrupt their local competitions every time and elite club decides they want to use the courts for a game or training session? Good luck convincing YMCA, PCYC, Allsports etc on this option.

    I understand your frustration at finding training courts, its been like this for local clubs for years, but we work hard to find solutions, we don’t just stand around whinging and demanding someone hand us the solution on a platter. If you need a training venue go out and approach schools, sports organisations, councils etc and find one. If you cant find a training venue where is that Indoor5s fault or problem ?

    The Indoor5s group has been running local comps for over a decade, 48 weeks a year. Some of our teams/players have not missed a comp in 14 years. They have no interest in playing at an elite level. They just want to go to their local centre once or twice a week and have a fun/competitive game with their mates. Are you saying we should tell these players they can’t play anymore because Steve Knight wants to run junior training sessions in the hope of developing a couple of elite players.

    Your comments seem to imply that elite comps & training are the No.1 priority and that local comps are second rate. That local clubs/competitions should only be used to fill leftover spaces that elite training sessions can’t fill. ie pick up whatever scraps the elite clubs throw their way and be thankful for it.

    Grassroots is by far the largest participation group within the sport & Indoor 5s core business is running top quality grassroots competitions.

    Indoor5s doesn’t need to be involved with elite competitions, we don’t get anything out of it, 99% of our members are not interested in it. We sponsor clubs to help them grow the sport and offer support to individuals in financial hardship who otherwise would not be able to participate at an elite level due to the cost. If clubs &/or coaches like yourself don’t appreciate our efforts that’s fine, Indoor 5s will just revert back to its core business and wish all our former partners all the best for the future.

    As I said previously this will be my last post on this issue as the discussion keeps going way off track.

  12. Yes I am such an idiot – could have been given a centre to run social comps out of – what am I thinking to expect anyone other than the 10% would want to improve .
    To quote the Santos gk coach Rafael Kiyasu “here at Santos we sow for today to reap the harvest for the future”
    I put it to you a different way then- Think of each one of your centres as clubs or societies and players from 4years of age register with your centre up to and including Men’s and Women’s and during the week you train these members on more than one occasion of which you charge applicable fees to do so. On the Saturday you organise a inter centre competition that involves all your centres-every week you have a champion of champion event. After training and playing against the other centres you then select a representative squad in every age group to compete at the next level ie Premier or state league where they compete for a position in State teams and National league franchises etc.
    When you do the maths across each of the age groups in both men’s and women’s how many registrations are you talking about and your comps and training would be for 48 weeks of the year. Football playing time 5 months.Futsal playing time 11 months which sport would you choose.
    When you do your math what do your figures look like compared to your social comps.
    I look at the seeds today and see the future in twenty years time and with your model I see the footage of above.
    Keep up the good work in your core business and hope you retire well with all your legacy.

  13. what a load of rubbish im reading. Mr Rossi, I applaud you in your local competitions. Mr Knight, you are our national coach? Think its time we bury the sport for good..

  14. Guys. Was this conversation really supposed to be had here on this forum. Poor form for all involved. And this is coming from someone who supports all forms of the game.

  15. Oh my …. Surely Steven knight isn’t really him… Someone is taking the mickey surely… Surely our national coach wouldn’t be on a forum sledging anyone about being proud of someone’s achievements. For many people playing local comp futsal is all they wish to do and winning this tournament is something they are proud of. How dare you or anyone criticise them so rudely. Sorry but you should be ashamed as a human and disgusted in yourself as a leader in the sport. Last I checked you weren’t god. If you can’t get court space then bad luck! Your issue not Someone else. You train when you can, or organise early and get the court space. If you really try it isn’t that bad, I never ever had issues. Why should the community of local comp players that just love the game bow down cause you have demanded something.

    Steve, i was a supporter once upon a time. I now think you are a disgrace.

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