Futsal Oz Weekly Newsletter (VIC)

Futsal Oz

Exciting times in the land of Oz with the introduction of our weekly feature -the ‘Futsal Oz News’.

The ‘Futsal Oz News’ is a weekly newsletter designed to improve communication channels and spread the Futsal word from inside and out.

The Futsal Oz News can be found on our website in pdf format and will be posted on our social media networks in particular facebook & twitter.

Of course you will be able to pick up a copy at the Futsal Oz centre and sign up for it to be emailed to you directly.

We welcome feedback and interesting content and encourage you to send in anything of futsal interest to the following e-mail info@futsaloz.com.au attention it to our editor Sarah Richardson.

Enjoy the reading and continue supporting futsal.

Click the image below for the full 13 page PDF file (19 Megs)



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