Ballarat Futsal launches the regions first premier league (VIC)


AFA logoThe six eight-player teams, which were chosen via a lottery-style draft system, were unveiled at the launch of Ballarat Futsal Centre’s first premier league competition last night.

Ballarat Futsal Centre manager Corey Smith said the premier league would break up a concentration of talent in two dominant teams from the Ballarat Futsal League.

“It should be a really even competition. The fact that some good people have missed out, it creates a competitive atmosphere,” Smith said.

“If people slack off you’re going to have coaches who will bring in players who are keen to get the job done.”

Smith said the draft pick would appeal to players seeking to perform at an elite level.

“It’s an AFL town and we thought people could relate to the concept of a draft pick, but they will also undergo the draft pick system at the highest level of futsal.”

More than 70 people gave it their all at the draft trials last month, where 48 players were selected for the premier competition and 10 players were drafted as rookies to fill in when needed.

Mr Smith said the new league would not diminish the existing structure of the Ballarat Futsal League, but create pathways for talented players.

“Travelling to nationals and similar events will not be the only time they can play at that level,” he said.

“The aim in the future is to have the Ballarat premier league at national standard.”

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