Boomerangs vs Majik Review (NSW)

Boomerangs FS

BoomerangsFS2Round 3 of the 2013/2014 Football NSW Futsal Premier League was the second home game for the season for the Boomerangs – and the first at the AIS.

And it ended being not a day where Boomerangs showed their true form, or were at their best, in any of the age groups barring the 16 girls and open men. Just two wins from the nine games, and seven defeats.

The Majik, on the other hand, played exceptionally well, and it was clear to see that across all age groups they are definitely Premier League material. A combination of some great Super League teams of last season with some smart player acquisitions, has allowed them to transition to the Premier League level excellently. They will certainly not be in the Premier League just to make up the numbers this year.

12 Boys

Boomerangs 1 – 2 Mountain Majik

The 12 boys suffered their first loss of the season to a hard working Majik unit. The boys will need to lift to continue to win week in week out during this season. They certainly have the talent at their disposal to do it!

12 Girls

Boomerangs 0 – 6 Mountain Majik

Evidence that the younger Majik girls are a great team and will do well this year. The Boomerangs girls just weren’t quite up to that same level on Saturday.

14 Boys

Boomerangs 1 – 8 Mountain Majik

A solid defeat. The 14 boys need to lift all over the court if they are to remain competitive during the season – in the easy and the tough games.

14 Girls

Boomerangs 0 – 2 Mountain Majik

A good effort by the Boomerangs 14 girls against another strong Majik team. Although the Majik were never seriously threatened, the Boomerangs girls retained their defensive efforts and did not allow the score to embarrass them. A loss – but a good solid effort.

16 Boys

Boomerangs 1 – 9 Mountain Majik

A blow out. The boys need more time playing together to get the teamwork – and importantly the defensive work – happening.

16 Girls

Boomerangs 6 – 0 Mountain Majik

Wonderful effort from a full strength 16 girls brought a little sunshine to the middle of the day. This team will do OK this year whilst they maintain their strongest team playing week in week out.

Youth Men

Boomerangs 0 – 6 Mountain Majik

This team, comprising the best of last year’s Grand Final winning 16s and semi finalist youth team, are taking some time to adjust to the tougher, more physical and faster youth league. The young 17 and 18 year olds need to lift in their weekly challenge against other teams – some made up primarily of 19 year olds.

Open Women

Boomerangs 0 – 2 Mountain Majik

What can we say – the Majik women were just too good.  The Boomerangs women seemed to struggle to find a path to goal and rarely troubled the Majik keeper.

Open Men

Boomerangs 9 – 2 Mountain Majik

A nice way to end the day – the following match report from Dan De Nardi of Football NSW

Boomerangs topple Mountain

Boomerangs 9 (Daniel Bennett x2, Ryan Keir x2, Kristian Collins, Jason O’Dwyer, Callum Smith, Daniel Fulton, Michael Reeve) Mountain Majik 2 (Andrew Stevenson, Corey Bizco)

Boomerangs gave newcomers Mountain Majik a dusting at the AIS Training Halls on Saturday night, turning a tight 2-1 halftime edge into a 9-2 thumping to go top of the table.

Daniel Bennett and Kristian Collins elevated Boomerangs to a 2-1 halftime advantage before the home side cut loose in the second stanza – Bennett grabbing another, Ryan Keir bagging a double, and Jason O’Dwyer, Callum Smith, Daniel Fulton and Michael Reeve also adding their names to a congested scoresheet. Andrew Stevenson and Corey Bizco were Majik’s goalscorers.

Boomerangs remain undefeated and have put the pressure right on Dural and Inner West to perform on their return to league competition next week.

Boomerangs co-coach Kristian Collins called it a good win. “We made it harder for ourselves than we had to and it was only 2-1 at the break, so we changed a couple of things that really put it together in the second half,” he said.

“It’s fantastic to be still undefeated but we do have some tough games coming up, starting with Campbelltown next week who have been a real bogey side for us.”

Mountain coach Fabio Macerola was succinct. “We were in it at halftime, but we weren’t in it at fulltime,” he said.

“Actually it was a good eye opener for us as it shows how much we have to step up. Boomerangs were at a different level to our first two games – quicker, more physical, more quality players… but we still have half our side to come back so I’m not overly concerned.”

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