Kew residents appeal to Ombudsman over noisy Futsal competition (VIC)


Kew residents will go to the Victorian Ombudsman
with concerns about an outdoor Futsal competition.
Photo source: News Limited

Futsal Central, the futsal league coordinating the competition, had put neighbours off side despite getting the all clear from Boroondara Council to use the school’s astro turf pitch Monday to Wednesday from 4-9pm and on Saturdays from 10am-6pm.

The competition had previously run without a council permit and had been asked to stop after the neighbours complained.

The neighbours have concerns with noise, floodlights and traffic congestion and want to stop the competition from starting again.

They will approach the Ombudsman because they claim the school would be ¬≠ignoring Education Department regulations, which say school councils should not permit facilities to be used for activities that “create excessive noise or pose a nuisance to nearby residents”.

Oxford St resident Tony Morrissey said the competition, was a “noisy, walking billboard” in the past.

“This is competition, so it’s not like training. There is a lot more noise,” Mr Morrissey said.

Fellow resident Geoff Baird said residents would not appeal the council’s approval of the permit at VCAT but rather would take their concerns about errors in law to Ombudsman George Brouwer.

He said two residents were invited to air their concerns with the school council last Monday, but described the process as a “farce” and said the school had declined an invite to speak with other residents.

“We delivered our five minutes, no questions were asked and we were ushered out,” Mr Baird said.

“Our next step is to complain to the Ombudsman which we have done and we are waiting on a reply.”

Kew High School declined to comment.

Futsal Central part-owner Sam McCallum said appropriate outdoor venues were hard to find.

“We run various competition which are five nights a week, but this is a different venture,” Mr McCallum said.

“It’s very difficult to find a venue so this is a great opportunity for the school to use its facilities in the day and for us to come in at night.

“Of course we’re aware of resident concerns, which is why we were more than happy to compromise and come back to three nights.”

Kew state Liberal MP Andrew McIntosh said he had spoken to Kew High School and residents and had visited the site and would work to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all. “

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