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Quake made the long trip back to Windsor for our first games of the season and ran into an ambush by the Mountaineers. For the third year in a row the Club started poorly and we were hammered by newly promoted Majik, taking only 6 of the Club Championship points on offer. Very brief reports follow.


One of the highlights of the day. The lads played some lovely, team  futsal and banged in the goals after half-time to put a seal on their dominant performance. Well done boys!

12 Boys lost 1-3

Missed chances can come back to haunt you and the boys missed plenty. Even though the boys dominated at the State Championships the weekend before their form in front of goals was a little shaky and their inability to finish cost them dearly today. Plenty of positives to take out of the game though with Jarrod Galea a stand out in his first full Premier League outing.

12 Girls lost 2-7

With only 3 girls having prior Premier League experience it was always going to come down to controlling nerves at this level. The girls were all over the place in the first half due to a key player not turning up and the ref sending 2 girls to the sideline to remove their skins. They were very tentative and everything that they had worked on at training seemed to fly out the window. The team settled better in the second half and fought well to limit the damage. Amy Sayer was outstanding and she was ably assisted by Natalie Vukovic.

14 Boys lost 3-5

The boys did well to fight back to be 3-4 down and pressing for a draw before conceding the final goal. Again, missed chances played a huge part in the result with Quake having more than enough chances to win the game. A reasonable performance given the number of new players to the Club and plenty of good, individual performances to suggest the boys are not far away. Daniel Wilmering made a difference in his shifts and James Tsokos threw himself into every challenge.

14 Girls Lost 2-5

Not the performance from the girls we were expecting. Perhaps 6 of the girls going to the Rams presentation the night before was the reason for the lacklustre display. Having said that, the girls had plenty of chances (do you see a theme developing here?) and conceded 3 horrible goals that we wouldn’t expect to see them concede again. Rosie Galea was outstanding (can we bottle whatever the Galea kids have in them?) and Amy Sayer carried her form from the 12s into this game impressing in her 14s debut.

16 Boys won 3-2

Finally a win! And a very good one at that. We we’re told after the game that this was one of the games Majik had banked as a win. Individually, and as a team, the boys were very good. Liam McGing was an absolute stand out and his partner in crime, Anthony Haddad, was an able assistant. The boys showed what they are capable of and we should now expect good performances like this every week.

16 Girls (Sponsored by Macarthur Marble a & Granite) lost 2-3

Trailing at half time the girls played much better in the second half after a minor spray at the break. Still, the enthusiasm for the game wasn’t really on show and it was only the stellar performance of Jemma Crane that kept the girls in the game with a chance. Jemma was ably supported by Rosie Galea making her 16s debut and we must mention Ash Norman’s sterling efforts filling in between the sticks. We know the girls are good enough – they just need to start believing in themselves.

Youth lost 1-2

A game that didn’t reach any great heights. The score was 0-0 at the break with limited chances on both sides before Majik took a 2 goal lead. It wasn’t until Anson Gilligan was employed as the 5th man that Quake woke up and started to play and they scored with plenty of time to get the equaliser. But the 2nd goal just didn’t come. This was a very hesitant performance by the boys and we know they can do better.

Women won 4-2

After going a goal down through poor marking the girls went on to dominate this match getting out to a 4-1 lead and then cruising in the latter stages of the match to record a good win. Claire Walsh was outstanding in defence and scored 2 goals when she took on players going forward. A very good effort considering the number and quality of players not available for this match. Well done ladies.

Men lost 5-6

The lads took a 5-4 lead with just 2 minutes to go and this report was going to be about how they fought back and hung in to take a good win. But 2 very bad lapses in concentration saw Majik sneak 2 goals in a minute to steal a win and leave every Quake supporter shaking their head in dismay. Shayne Ardle did everything he could to get the win scoring a hat trick on his return to the club.


Perhaps it was being back at Windsor that affected our performances but, in the end, we really have no excuses. Well done to Majik on their Premier League debut and on taking 21 well deserved Club Championship points. Lots of work to do before next week’s games against Phoenix.

As always……GO QUAKE!

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