Unfair futsal selection (Solomon Islands)


Logo - Solomon StarDEAR EDITOR – I would like to raise my concern regarding the selection of the Under 12 futsal team final listing.

I am one of those who regularly attend all the matches in the multipurpose hall and identified some of the best under12 players whom I think should be selected for the under12 final selection. However, when I check the final selection list I noticed that several smart under12 boys were missed out and I question the selection criteria used for the final selection.

One of the selection criteria I know is select the best players according to their ages. This means if even a player is small in size but satisfy the age12 and below should be selected.

According to my observation, those in the final list are not of the age 12 and below.  They seem of the age 14 and 15 which is not satisfying the qualifying age for the selection if really the selection is based on their birth certificate that will be supplied on 25th October. I assume if birth certificate is collected from the ministry of health.

I think selection according to the right age is important because the result of any performance they perform should reflect the strength and capability of the real under12 while it will not make sense when if the result of the under14 or 15 boys will produce under12 result.

hose who are responsible for the selection must do it fairly so that the outcome will also fair and I think those who will join the Under12 team must produce their birth certificate so that their ages would be clear for selection criteria.

Selection according to ages is very important for example why Frank Short is not selected for the commissioner’s post?  It is because his age is 55 which is a retirement age and this principle should be applied to the selection of the under12 team when a player is under12 but performs well he should be selected regardless of his size because he is satisfying the selection age. So as an observer may I reiterate that selection must be according to ages.

Jay Leong

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