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2/10/2013 : 2013 SFL Winter Season Semi Final 1

FC Beffen 2 – Robert Ftynogiannis 2
Cambio Cumbre 1 – Mason Vojdani

The Semi Finals kicked off with the defending champions, Cambio Cumbre, taking on fourth placed FC Beffen in what was to be a replay of the last round of fixtures for the two sides. Last week the result was 5 Nil to Cumbre in a dominating performance that many thought would happen again in the semi final.

As the finals continuously prove, on the day it’s anyones game. This season was no exception. Beffen had done their homework and learnt from the beating they took the week before. A calculated and exciting game that really had the crowd on the edge of their seats with many wishing the game wouldn’t end. The score after full time was even with goals from Mason Vojdani for Cumbre and Robert Ftynogiannis for Beffen. Extra time almost didn’t give us a winner had it not been for a sixth foul penalty that allowed Robbie F. to step up and slot away his second goal of the match and send his team, FC Beffen, into the SFL Grand Final for the first time in the history of the club.


The solid Beffen defence wouldn’t allow any opportunities for the
star players of Cambio Cumbre

2/10/2013 : 2013 SFL Winter Season Semi Final 2

South Fremantle MC 3 – Luke Tidy, Alek Kukic, Andre Deneur
North Fremantle Sharks 2 – Lucas Brauner, Felipe Tonsa

The second semi final of the day was expected to be a close one and since North Fremantle Sharks were the ones to knock out South Fremantle MC at the same point last season everyone felt a repeat of last season was on the cards. This game had it all and sadly there had to be a winner which seemed unfair as it finished even at full time and that would’ve been a fair result. Unfortunately finals can be unforgiving for one side and on this day the Sharks would not be able to carry their luck any further. After leading right up to 50 seconds left in the match they were undone by some great goals.

Lucas Brauner and Felipe Tonsa for the Sharks both thought they had scored the winning goal only to be undone by goals from Luke Tidy and the leagues leading scorer Alek Kukic. The final blow, however, came from the sliding boot of Andre Deneur from a masterful pass from the Prince of Persia, Saeed Danesh. Final score 3-2 and as with the other semi final again it was decided in extra time.

Wow! 2 amazing Futsal games by 4 of the best teams in WA. What awaits us in the Final only a day away.

The 3rd and 4th game playoff will be a repeat of the Summer season Grand Final, Cambio Cumbre vs North Fremantle Sharks and the Grand Final will see an all new Championship team crowned, one that has never ever held the title of SFL Champion. South Fremantle MC vs FC Beffen.


South Fremantle MC captain, Luke Tidy, takes the Sharks head on

2/10/2013 : 2013 SFL 5 Allstar Team for the Winter Season

The Finals weekend saw the WA SFL 5 Allstar team presented with their awards for achieving the highest MVP votes for the season. The votes are gathered from every game and are made by the coaches, players and referees.

Congratulations to the players awarded

  • Nestor Fonseca – Cambio Cumbre
  • Danielle D’Ulisse – FK Otpisani
  •  Victor Brauner – North Fremantle Sharks
  •  Glenn Sheldon – South Fremantle MC
  •  Oscar Pit – FC Beffen
Futsal award and medal presentation 29-09-13-21

The WA SFL 5 Allstar Team

2/10/2013 : 2013 SFL Winter Season Most Valuable Player

This seasons MVP award went to an outstanding player that took over as player coach for the North Fremantle Sharks and led them to 3rd on the table and 3rd in the Playoffs. A great leader on and off the court that definitely deserved the award. Congratulations to Victor Brauner the 2013 SFL Winter Season Most Valuable Player.

Futsal award and medal presentation 29-09-13-22

Victor Brauner with SFL President El Abrahams

4/10/2013 : 3rd and 4th Place Playoff

North Fremantle Sharks 2 (4) – Victor Brauner, Yoga Jeyabalan
Cambio Cumbre 2 (3) – Daniel ‘D10’ Cappellaro, Helcius Correia

The 3rd and 4th playoff game was all action with a nail bitting finale that was decided on penalties. Sharks were more prepared for this game fielding a full strength side but unfortunately the same could not be said for the defending champs who had many star players missing through injury. SFL 5 selected player and coach for Cumbre, Nestor Fonseca, was still out and so too was marquee player Faris Noor Rani and the team’s leading goal scorer, Mason Vojdani. Although they had no subs the team showed that their system of play worked holding out a strong Sharks outfit that pushed forward at every opportunity.

At 2 a piece after full time and extra time the game went to penalties and although leading from the first kick, Cumbre could not finish off the Sharks and only a brilliant one handed save by Julius Ko to keep D10’s penalty out at sudden death was the difference. A great game with everything Futsal has to offer a loud and excited crowd. Final score 2 all after regular time and 4 – 3 to Sharks in the penalty shoot out.

Futsal award and medal presentation 29-09-13-53

3rd place winners, North Fremantle Sharks lead by the league MVP Victor Brauner

4/10/2013 : The New 2013 SFL Winter Season Champions

South Fremantle MC 3 – Alek Kukic, Saeed Danesh, Shuichiro Yamashita
FC Beffen 0

The first half, as expected, had the teams locked at nil all. The second half saw a change of tactic from the South Fremantle coach, Raffaele Capasso and gaps started to appear in the Beffen defence as they began to tire and push forward. The 5th man game plan by Beffen almost paid off but they were caught out by the great vision of Shu Yamashita who scored a great goal from his own half to give the team some breathing space after Alek Kukic opened the scoring in true top goal scoring fashion. Veteran SFL player, Saeed Danesh rounded out the scoring with a neat finish to all but seal the victory and write the clubs name into the history of the SFL with their first ever SFL Championship.

A grand final that no-one expected but everyone enjoyed and was glad they were there to witness some great games of Futsal.

This season was the first time in the history of the SFL that 4 teams shared all the prize money on offer. Cambio Cumbre took out the cash for the minor premiership, Sharks won the cash for 3rd, Beffen for second and South Fremantle MC as the winners of the playoffs. South Fremantle MC also booked a place in the 2014 FAFL Cup to be held in Melbourne at Futsal OZ. A great weekend of Futsal that will surely set the tone for the upcoming October SFL Challenge Cup season. All the news and up dates will be announced soon. It’s going to be Epic!

Futsal award and medal presentation 29-09-13-46

2013 SFL Winter Season Champions, South Fremantle MC

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