ACT Womens Premier League Round 13

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Logo - ACT Capital Football Futsal (PNG)The fight for the top four continued in the Women’s Premier League last week and, with only two full rounds of matches to be played, the make-up of the semi-finalists is still very much up in the air. Any three of five clubs could join league leaders Boomerangs FS in the last four with any slip-up at this stage of the season magnified.

Kids FC are currently second on the table having jumped over Belconnen United following the latest round of results but their two-point advantage is precarious at best and they’ll be hoping for a maximum return against Tuggeranong United in Round 14 to consolidate their position. Doubles from Najwa Allen and Laura Sofoulis gave Kids FC a 4-2 win in their latest match against Woden Valley, a result that dropped Woden out of the four and down to seventh despite Jamie Berkeley’s 14th goal of the season and another from Alexandra Cook.

Weston-Molonglo El Diva are right back in the hunt for a semi-final place after their 6-2 win over Monaro Panthers eased them into fourth place on the ladder, just ahead of Canberra FC thanks to their better head-to-head having beaten Canberra FC 4-1 earlier in the year. The Panthers had no answer to goals from Nicole Somi (4), Luisa Marzotto and Clare Munro as El Diva swarmed to victory. The Panthers did find the net, through Kelly Stirton who scored twice, but El Diva was worthy winners.

Canberra FC is fifth and could go above El Diva if they win their return fixture this week. They are in that position thanks to a 7-2 hammering of ANU Vogue for whom Erika Pennyfield scored her sixteenth goal of a remarkable season. Caity Taylor was the other Vogue scorer but FC responded with a goal avalanche through Georgina Worth (2), Ruth Kravis (2), Nicola Orgill, Stephanie Coates and Natalie De Marco to rack up an important win and improve their goal difference in the process.

Little looks like halting Boomerangs FS however as the runaway league leaders racked up a fourteenth win in succession by blitzing Belconnen United 8-1 in the top-of-the-table match. The Blue Devils entered the game in second place as the Boomerangs closest challengers but had no answer to the champions approach work and ruthless finishing. Brittany Palombi bagged a hat-trick to move joint top of the Golden Boot charts with her sister Ashleigh who also scored once. Sarah Crittenden (2), Amanda Aurousseau and Michelle Aurousseau struck the other Boomerangs goals with Brittany Smale responding for Belconnen, her 14th goal of the competition.

Round 13– 22nd November 2013
ANU Sports Centre – International Court 

Boomerangs FS 8 (Brittany Palombi (3), Sarah Crittenden (2), Amanda Aurousseau, Michelle Aurousseau, Ashleigh Palombi) Belconnen United 1 (Brittany Smale)
Weston-Molonglo El Diva 6 (Nicole Somi (4), Luisa Marzotto, Clare Munro) Monaro Panthers 2 (Kelly Stirton (2))
ANU Vogue 2 (Erika Pennyfield, Caity Taylor) Canberra FC 7 (Georgina Worth (2), Ruth Kravis (2), Nicola Orgill, Stephanie Coates, Natalie De Marco)
Kids FC 4 (Najwa Allen (2), Laura Sofoulis (2)) Woden Valley 2 (Jamie Berkeley, Alexandra Cook)



29 Ashleigh PALOMBI, Brittany PALOMBI (Boomerangs FS)
16 Erika PENNYFIELD (ANU Vogue)
14 Brittany SMALE (Belconnen United), Jamie BERKELEY (Woden Valley)
13 Sarah CRITTENDEN (Boomerangs FS), Nicole SOMI (Weston-Molonglo El Diva)
12 Clare MUNRO (Weston-Molonglo El Diva)
11 Erica WEATHERLY (Belconnen United), Laura SOFOULIS (Kids FC)
9 Nicole JALOCHA (Belconnen United), Najwa ALLEN (Kids FC)
8 Annica SCHOO (ANU Vogue), Rachael GOLDSTEIN (Canberra FC), Hayley BUCKINGHAM (Kids FC), Hayley ARMSTRONG (Woden Valley)
7 Becky ROCHE (Boomerangs FS), Amanda DRIES (Canberra FC), Georgia FOGARTY, Sandra HILL (Woden Valley)
6 Michelle AUROUSSEAU (Boomerangs FS), Madelyn WHITTALL (Kids FC)
5 Maja BLASCH, Jessica McEWAN (Belconnen United), Erin CLOUT (Boomerangs FS), Emma BEAUMONT (Kids FC), Shontelle HELLYER (Tuggeranong United), Alexandra COOK (Woden Valley)
4 Samantha PRICE (Belconnen United), Becky WATTS (Boomerangs FS), Nicola ORGILL, Georgina WORTH (Canberra FC), Kelly STIRTON (Monaro Panthers), Ashley HARE, Dianne WILSON (Tuggeranong United), Alison LOUND, Kim SMITH (Weston-Molonglo El Diva)
3 Freyja JACOBSEN, Tahlia STANLEY (ANU Vogue), Julia DE ANGELIS, Natalie DE MARCO, Ruth KRAVIS (Canberra FC), Kate WALKER (Kids FC), Crystal KING (Monaro Panthers), Sonya SHEEDY (Tuggeranong United), Aniko BERGUNO (Weston-Molonglo EL Diva), Own GOALS
2 Jill PADROTTA, Cassandra RANKINE, Aleisha TUPPER (ANU Vogue), Jessica GOYNE (Belconnen United), Amanda AUROUSSEAU (Boomerangs FS), Stephanie COATES, Leanne POMPEANI (Canberra FC), Tiahn RUKAVINA (Monaro Panthers), Emma FILER, Sian PARKER (Tuggeranong United), Natalie LACEY (Weston-Molonglo El Diva), Lorna ARKELL (Woden Valley)
1 Shona ROBSON, Caity TAYLOR (ANU Vogue), Snez VELJANOVSKA (Belconnen United), Phoebe WORTH (Kids FC), Rebecca COLLINS (Canberra FC), Sigourney DUNK, Vanh MANTHONGSY (Monaro Panthers), Katherine McFADYEN, Renae SHATZMAN (Tuggeranong United), Luisa MARZOTTO (Weston-Molonglo El Diva), Lorena BARBARO (Woden Valley)

Round 5 – 27th November 2013

ANU Vogue v Belconnen United
Round 14– 29th November 2013
ANU Sports Centre – International Cou
Woden Valley v Boomerangs FS
Belconnen United v ANU Vogue
Tuggeranong United v Kids FC
Canberra FC v Weston-Molonglo El Diva

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