AFA Australian Womens Team at the AMF World Cup

Australian Womens Futsal Team (Facebook)

If you aren’t already following their excellent regular updates on their Facebook page, do yourself a favour and stop reading this to go check it out.

Tons of pics and clips and news on how they are going so far at the AMF World Cup!

Their first match against Morocco resulted in an 8-0 win to Australia!

One of their updates from 4 hours ago (at the time of posting this article) :

Todays game was a great start for the Women’s team . Yesterday we had a friendly where we lost a close game 2 to 0 to USA, which proves a good result in light of their defeat of Argentina 2-1 today.

Defensively, as most Australian teams are, we looked good today and on the break we created good balls to the target to run off. Six nil up at half time was a great position and probably led to an easing up in the second half. Pommie Jarvis had a great game with her hattrick , but that doesn’t take away from everybody else. As much as scoring 8 is great , not letting in any is just as good.

Tomorrow we face favourites and home team Colombia which will be a different ball game. It is going to be televised live on South American Tv as well as on the online station ( I’ll send exact website tomorrow) It will a great game so get online and support the girls or otherwise go to our normal online Vikings TV site .

The atmosphere is unbelievable here. After every game there are over 100 people lining up for autographs , even when the team visit the local pool, police hold back crowds waiting for autographs. The party has 3 police officers to look after them and everywhere the team bus goes there is a police escort on motorbikes . The media area has over 20 journos busily writing stories from all countries , and state TV is televising all games. Entry to the tournament is daily around $6 in our money but they still get near 1000. Tomorrow night for our game we are expecting full house of over 3000.

Being here gives you the feeling that this sport is going somewhere.

Watch tomorrow …. 11.00am Brisbane time , 12.00 pm Sydney Melbourne.

Additional Post :

Found another great website to go check out!

It has a streaming video option for all live games, as well as a gallery of official photos from the tournament! There are currently some nice shots available of the girls from todays game.

Go to



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