AMF World Cup Update: Quarter Final Match Report


Despite a loss in the quarter finals the Australian Women’s team are feeling more passionate than ever. The amazing support and fan base at the AMF world cup has inspired the squad to bring the Colombian’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for Futsal back to Australia.

Well as they say all good fairytales must come to an end and ours did tonight. Up against a quality side of women who are all professionals players, we held our own and in patches had them chasing us. The final score was 6-2 down against a team that are expected to make the final. The talk amongst all the nations is that this is heading to a Colombia v Venezuela final which will be a great game, we are the only nation unfortunate enough to have played them both so far.


The crowd tonight was even more unbelievable with chairs having to be brought in and put on the court, an even more people left outside. I would estimate the crowd was somewhere between 3500 to 4000 people. With such dedicated supporters I can only imagine what the crowds will be like this Saturday if Colombia make the final.

Astrid Romero scored the first goal for Venezuela in the first four minutes of play. But Australia’s Fabiana Perfilio was quick to counter scoring just thirty second later.

The Australian goal fueled Venezuela’s attack allowing experienced players Carla Romero and Yucelis Camargo to score, bringing the score to 3-1 at half time.

After half time Australia were quick to dominate play, they kept the opposition chasing them and manged to bring the score 5-2. Sensing a comeback the crowds were roaring with excitement.

But the Australian team were out of luck because it was Yucelis Camargo lucky night, in the final minute Camargo scored ending the game with a 6-2 victory to Venezuela.

So well done to the girls and to the support staff. The standing ovation the Australians got while they warmed down tonight showed the feeling supporters had towards us.

Make sure you tune in for the final Sunday morning, as it will be a great game to watch.

This week our players were mobbed everywhere they went, the crowds were magnificent vocally and in numbers. Every shop we went to had a poster about the tournament, and the media coverage was unbelievable, being able to sit in your hotel room and watch games live. There are even more international tournaments next year, the main one being the youth mens World Cup in Granollers Spain, and at this stage we will have five national teams competing in different parts of the World. Thank you so much to every one back home who has supported us throughout this amazing experience. Bring on 2014!

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