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Not a bad weekend for most of the BB Pirates age groups after the weekend games against the GWS Vikings.

The U/12 boys had an easy win 11:1 and are back in the top four.

U/12 girls won 4:2 – four wins in a row – they are in the top four with 12 points

U/14 boys managed to get away with 7:6 win, but found it difficult to play on the smaller size field

First win – 6:4 – for the U/14 girls and what a thrill. Being down half time 4:1 the girls and the coach Vince Blatch had a remarkable come-back and scored 5 goals, not letting the opposition score again. Considering most of the girls were playing together for the first time this was a very good effort. Well done girls – keep it up.

U/16 boys losing  3:1 was just a bad day at the office. Missing their top goal scorer Angus Chance did not help. The number of chances  gone missing and without scoring, there is no winning.

U/16 girls lost 8:0 –  being a brand new team and learning about the game  will take time before they come up even against more skillful girls.

Youth Men also won their first game convincingly 5:2 and was a performance that the coach Mill De-Britto would prefer every week.

Senior Women –  played the game of Futsal to watch. The result 5:0 and could have been more. The coach Paulo Duttra said after the game that he is looking forward to the next game.  The girls are enjoying their game and playing some excellent Futsal.

Senior Men winning 6:4 and going back to the top four.  A “solid performance” is how the coach Fernando described the game but he also stated there is more to improve on some aspects of the game.

U/14?s Boys team – still undefeated

After five round the U/14 boys team is still undefeated. The weekend game against GWS Vikings  turned into a close game where the boys found it hard to show their skills. Playing on a smaller size court it was the game of kicking and chasing the ball.

We came away with a 7:6 win but we could have lost the game. We were down 6:5 with 3 minutes left on the clock.  Changes were made and  the Gidon Zimerman  and Jeremy Stein combination made all the difference in the last minutes of the game. Jeremy displayed some fantastic skills to set Gidon up to even the score and in the last minute he set-up another for the win.

Andrew Vartuli had a very good game, despite the fact he has never played the game at this level, by scoring a goal and setting up another. Jacob Rohald as a defender, proved to be the most exciting player to watch, scoring in every game, a goal or two. The next game on the weekend is against South Coast Taipans who have also won all their games and we share the first place on the table.

BB Pirates Women’s team have a new look

The women’s team has been boosted with 4 new players which made an instant affect on the game. Maria Kalogeropoulos and Erica Toscano have given a lot more speed to the team. The magic of Paloma Oliveira is just what the team needed. Her skills are too hot to handle by any opposition and she scores a goal or two in every game. The new goalkeeper Sarah Veli-Gold was as solid as a rock on the goal.

The coach Paulo Dutra has welcomed the changes to the team and set a higher standard for future. He stated : “Now we can work on the team options and different game plan with the new players and we could make it to the finals. We had a slow start but we hope we will be amongst the top four by the end of the competition”.

The weekend result of 5:0  proves the new value of the team. It was an exciting game to watch and to enjoy the quality of the Futsal display.

BB Pirates – Senior men’s team back on track

Fernando Oliveira and his assistant Caio Ongaratto has put the team back on track by working more on the transition part of the game and it has started paying off. The weekend game was never  in question of being won. Great leadership by Danilo and Marcelo motivated the team.

The transition play worked and the goals came from Luiz Lobo and Felipe Silva the two quickest players in the team. The assistance of Dennis Fleury and Justin Benitez defending and attacking was priceless.

The weekend win 6-4 and the week before 3-1 win has put the team back in the top four position on the table. Fernando told the players after the game how important it is to play the game with discipline and self motivation which brings confidence and winning games.

Fernando also stated: “There will be no easy games and we need every player to be on their toes every week”

Good luck boys


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