Colombian media praise AMF World Cup Australian player Caitlin Jarvie


Jarvie is having a ball at the 2013 AMF World cup. She reported today that the competition is fierce but the support of fans is driving the her to play her best.

Player Caitlin Jarvie, is doing Australia proud at the AMF world cup in Colombia.


Jarvie at the AMF World Cup

Colombian media have taken a shine to beach bum Caitlin who loves to keep fit by surfing, journalists have praised her confidence on the court comparing her to their prized local player Paula Botero.

“Morocco suffered due to Caitlin’s ability” the article reported Caitlin is “second only to Paula Botero of Colombia”

“We were nervous about playing our first official game, but fortunately our training paid off,” Caitlin said about Australia’s first game.

Coach Mike Bushe is working hard to play the Australian team defensively to put up a fight against the tough pool which includes Morrocco, Canada and Columbia. His efforts and the support of fans are paying off according to Caitlin “versing Colombia will be tough because they are a very skilled team who dominate the ball very well, Canada will not be an easy opponent either, but we are lucky to have tremendous support from the fans, especially the local Colombian fans who have impressed us the way they encourage and support us.”

The media was overjoyed to report that Caitlin and the Australian team were enjoying the warm hospitality they are receiving from Colombia: “The people of Colombia are very friendly, Barrancabermeja is very friendly and the weather is pleasing us a lot, in a few days we felt at home “.

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