Match Report for Australia v Colombia (AMF World Cup)


amf-logo-bigDespite a 5-0 loss to World Cup favourites Colombia the Australian girls have learnt alot and are looking forward to the next round.

In the most anticipated game of their pool Australia lost to host country Colombia with a score of 5-0.

Colombia were a tough match for the Australian girls but during the first half despite many opportunities Australia’s defence prevailed against repetitive shots from the tough competition. The first goal was unfortunately an own goal in a moment of confusion from the Australian team.

Colombia’s success snowballed from that point and despite goal keeper Serena Conynghmam’s best efforts which saw her diving through the air, a powerful shot from Natalia Riveros snuck past the Australian keeper.

Colombian fans roared with excitement but the best was yet to come, with only nine minutes left Colombia’s Andrea Garzon received the ball on the goal line and scored her fourth goal. Following Garzon’s goal Paula Botero staged a solo run to score the final goal bringing Colombia to a 5-0 victory.

Player Sarah Richardson reported that “We did extremely well and held out the favourites Colombia pretty much 0-0 at half time (apart from an unlucky own goal). The final score ended up being 5-0 but everyone fought hard and we did come close to scoring a few times. A packed stadium of over 3,500 people meant you couldn’t hear the person next to you. Overall an unforgettable experience and have learnt a lot!”

Stay tuned for more results and reports!

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