Matthew Hick heads to Brazil with Olympic Dreams (VIC)


Hick’s is headed to Brazil to represent Australia after being selected from a Victorian state team. He hopes that what he learns in Brazil may one day help him represent Australia at the Olympics.

Mt Clear College student, Matthew Hick’s is leaving for a three week tour of Brazil this week. As the only Victorian member of the U16 Australian boys Futsal team Hick’s is excited to represent his state and country.

Hick’s says the trip is a tour rather than a tournament where they’ll get to learn more about technique in a country that is passionate about Futsal.

Hick’s has been told that Futsal could be an Olympic sport within 15 years and is excited to seize the opportunity to learn from the best in Brazil in the hopes of representing Australia at the Olympics.

Hick’s is dedicated to Futsal as he believes the ball skills in Futsal are more refined than in outdoor soccer as you have less options when passing the ball to a team mate.

To listen to an audio interview with Hick’s Click Here


Matthew Hick’s (center of back row) with state team

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