Our futsal travellers stumble (QLD)


mackayMonths of excitement, planning and fundraising went into four Mackay futsal players’ trip of a lifetime.

Makhaya Quakawoot, Jackson Hey and Katie and Emma Muscat travelled to Barcelona representing the Australian under-13 futsal team.

But it didn’t all go according to plan for some of them, as Quakawoot and Katie Muscat both became as familiar with Spain’s medical system as they did its futsal system.

“One of my best mates, Katie, she broke her ankle in two places and I dislocated my knee in our third game so I missed out on two games,” Quakawoot said.

“At the time it really did hurt. The ball got passed to my left foot and I wanted it to get passed to my right foot so I fell the wrong way and I landed on my knee cap and it just got pushed out.”

Quakawoot said Muscat’s injury came very early on in the trip, and “looked and sounded very painful”.

Muscat was rushed straight to the hospital and underwent surgery the night her injury happened.

Despite his unfortunate injury, Quakawoot said he still had an amazing time.

“I still had a great time, it was just that when I had to watch my team mates play and warm up I was pretty upset,” he said. “The experience over there was amazing.

“I went to watch a couple of professional (football) games and the atmosphere was just thrilling.

“I learnt a lot over there. Their futsal over there compared to Australia is totally different; they’re very skilful and they use everything to their advantage in the games.

“I hope I go back, it’s a great place to play futsal.”

Quakawoot said the team played well against tough opponents and finished second in the competition it was playing in.

He said his highlight was watching Barcelona play, and experiencing the atmosphere of a professional football match.

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