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Quake hosted Boomerangs FS at ‘The Epicentre’ on Saturday and for the third week in a row came away with the majority of Club Championships points.   Six wins, one draw and two losses added another valuable 19 points to our tally and we have now climbed to 3rd in the ladder after being bottom of the table after Round 1.  Reports for each game follow.


The boys acquitted themselves well against bigger, older opponents.  For some reason Boomerangs decided to play most of their 12s in this game –even though scores aren’t kept and the result doesn’t count towards ladders or Club Championship points – and our boys did well to be competitive against them.  When the Boomerangs 12s left the game in the 2nd half our boy’s good play really came to the fore and they dominated proceedings.  Well done to our lads for taking things in their stride and continuing to play good futsal.

12 Boys: Won 3-0 (Adrian 2 and Yosi 1)

A tight contest was blown apart by Quake just before the half when Boomerangs tired (maybe playing 2 games had an impact?) and Adrian scored 2 quick goals.  The boys did enough in the 2nd half to maintain control of the game without having to exert themselves too much in stifling conditions.  Another clean sheet would be very pleasing and with their defence now in order the boys can look to taking more of the chances they continue to create.  Three in a row now boys!

12 Girls: Won 12-3 (Amy 6, Brooke 4 and Kyeanne 2)

The girls went 3-0 up in less than 3 minutes and were always going to win from that point.  The conditions weren’t the best for playing futsal because of the high temperatures and the girls did very well to go on with the job.  The score could have been much higher but numerous changes to give everybody as much game time as possible, and to manage fatigue, interrupted the teams’ momentum.  Amy was simply sensational today but she was ably supported by all the girls.  This is also the girls 3rd win a row after a poor start, so well done girls.

14 Boys: Won 2-1 (Andrew 2)

Yes!  A win, and a good one too.  The boys continued to play good futsal and work hard and their efforts were finally rewarded with their first win of the year.  After taking the lead the boys conceded close to the half and we weren’t sure how they would react.  We needn’t have worried because they played with gritty determination and managed to score from one of their many chances to take the lead and then play smart futsal to protect it.  Well done lads, we’re proud of you and the way you continued to turn up when things were tough.

14 Girls: Won 4-2 (Emily 2, Amy 2)

A win is a win but the girls would be the first to say it wasn’t one of their best efforts.  In past weeks the girls had played lovely flowing futsal, making the right decisions and working as a team.  Yesterday they looked very disjointed and quite often took the wrong option, particularly in front of goal.  Not training on Thursday definitely had an impact.  After taking a 3-1 lead the win looked to be a formality but Boomerangs scored to make things tight.  Emily then got her 2nd to ease the tension but Lauren had to make some good saves to make the points secure.  Emily was the stand out for Quake and Amy got her 8th goal of the day in this game.  This is another team that lost their first game and have now strung together 3 wins in a row.  Well done girls!

16 Boys: Won 4-0 (Liam 2, Lachlan and Harry 1 each)

The boys raced to a 4-0 lead just before the half and dominated play.  Jimmy then took the opportunity to get game time into some of the boys who had missed games and who were learning the game and so some of the momentum was lost.  Having said that, Quake was always in control and had chances to extend the lead but didn’t take them.  Liam was very good once again and Trent provided the highlight of the game with his flick-spin rip.

16 Girls: Drew 2-2 (Jemma and Mel)

The girls earned their first point of the year with a very gutsy performance.  They fell 2 goals behind and with 7 minutes left in the game looked headed for their 4th straight loss.  But Jemma had other ideas and ran herself into the ground to spur the girls on.  She scored with about 5 minutes left to go and the girls lifted and pushed hard for the equaliser.  It came from Mel who drove hard at the goal and her shot rebounded off the ‘keeper and back onto her chest and into the goal.  The whole team was good today but a special mention to Mia – her play in the 2nd half made a difference.

Youth: Lost 1-2 (Anthony)

The boys just did not play as well as they had the past 2 games and didn’t really do enough to earn a result.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of urgency in their play and their touch certainly wasn’t there.  Boomerangs created very few chances and the 2 goals Quake conceded were very poor, both coming from turnovers.  The younger boys stepping up from the 16 Boys played well and Anthony got the equalising goal from a great set up by Enver.  Shannon also had his moments and looks to be getting back to being the player we all know he is.  In the end, a disappointing display which resulted in a disappointing loss.

Women: Won 5-2 (Dolly 2, Shorty 1, Logan 1 and Claire 1)

This game became very heated at times and in the end it looked like both teams were happy the final whistle blew.  Quake took a 4-1 lead into the half and when Dolly scored her second within a minute of the resumption of play the game was effectively over.  Boomerangs did score a 2nd not long after but Quake was always in control and with the result looking clear the game petered out in the stifling heat.  That’s 4 from 4 from the girls who have risen to every challenge so far and look to have more in them.  Well done ladies.

Men: Lost 1-3 (Jordan)

This was a very cagey, tactical game with Boomerangs inviting Quake on and waiting for a mistake.  The boys went into the half 0-1 down without many chances being created by either side.  Quake were able to equalise mid-way through the second half but then copped a goal on the break to fall behind.  With 4 minutes remaining Quake went to the 5th man but didn’t play it as well as previous weeks and Boomerangs scored the clincher after another poor turnover.  Boomerangs are a very good side but they were there for the taking yesterday.  A close game but maybe this is one that boys feel got away.


Another terrific day for the club.  An especially good day for the 14 Boys and 16 Girls who kick started their seasons and for our undefeated 16 Boys and Women.  But you can’t win them all, although you could argue we had a chance to do so.  Still, you can’t complain when, for the 3rd week in a row, we won 6 of the 9 games.  Next week we play Mascot.  Can we do it again?

As always, GO QUAKE!

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