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Quake hosted Innerwest Magic at ‘The Epicentre’ on Saturday and in a day of terrific futsal 6 games went down to the wire and we were able to snatch 4 wins –thanks to a late rally by our senior teams – while suffering 5 losses.  On the face of it this doesn’t look like a good result but this is the best result we’ve had against Magic in several years and the 12 Club Championship points puts us in 3rd place just 6 points from the lead.


For the 2nd week in a row the Academy ran into a very skilful, well drilled side but considering Magic played 2 of their 12 Boys squad the lads performed credibly.  Credit to the lads who never throw the ball long and always try to play out, even when being pressed.  They are showing a good understanding of the fundamentals of the game and continue to develop each week.

12 Boys lost 1-2 (Angelo Kalamvokis)

The boys played very well in the 1st half and deservedly took the lead from an Angelo goal on the fast break but couldn’t get another goal to make their lead comfortable.  Try as the might the ball just wouldn’t go into the net with the Magic keeper somehow managing to keep the ball out of the goal – more often by freakish luck than good technique.  And the missed chances came back to haunt the boys who conceded 2 goals late in the game to go behind and they suffered more bad luck with their attempts to get the equaliser with freakish bounces and goal mouth scrambles.  A good effort but, in the end, a disappointing result for the boys.

12 Girls lost 1-3 (Sheridan Gallagher)

What a game and what a magnificent effort from the girls.  With our ‘keeper Karly ill with a virus, Kyeanne struggling with a painful injury and Natalie taking sick during the game, the girls had every reason to give up and cop a hammering from the undefeated leaders of the comp.  But they had other ideas.  Brooke volunteered to play ‘keeper and had an absolute blinder, Andrea played her best ever game at Pivot, Amy ran herself into the ground, Sheridan threw herself at everything and was rewarded with her first goal, Caitlin chased and chased and chased everything and everyone, Rachel worked her socks off, Leiah gave her all and Natalie came off the bench sick in the 2nd half to help her team.  With 7 minutes to go the girls were 1-2 down and could have tied it up with a flurry of shots on goal but a highly dubious 3rd goal sealed their fate.  Incredible girls, we’re very proud of you.

14 Boys lost 0-4

Another loss but a much better performance by the boys after last week’s hammering by Vipers.  The boys kept the score close at half time but never really threatened to score themselves.  They worked hard in the 2nd half chasing everything in defence and had a few opportunities to score but weren’t able to score the goal needed to spark a comeback.  Keep your heads up boys and keep working hard.

14 Girls lost 2-7 (Rosie Galea 2) sponsored by JR Electrical

The girls were coming off a credible performance against Vipers last week but were 2 players down playing against a team desperate to get a win to save their season.  They played reasonably well in the 1st half but conceded 3 ordinary goals to be up against it going into the 2nd half.  They were asked to throw everything at Magic and within 4 minutes had brought the score back to 2-3 through some great team play and good finishing from Rosie.  Then a 4th poor goal was conceded and all the momentum the girls had built disappeared and it was struggle from then on. Another good learning experience for this young team.  If they can get their defence in order they will be very competitive.

16 Boys won 9-1 (Liam McGing 3, Lachlan Roberts 3, Anthony Haddad 1, Dalibor Malasevic 1, OG 1)

After a substandard performance against Vipers last week the boys got back on track yesterday and really turned it on in the 1st half against Magic to score 7 unanswered goals.  Lachlan was unstoppable and scored 3 of the first 4 goals before Liam scored his hat trick before the half.  The boys’ intensity dropped off in the 2nd half and they conceded a goal before scoring another 2 to round out the scoring.  A good effort to get back on track boys.

16 Girls lost 1-3 (Mel Walsh) sponsored by Macarthur Marble & Granite

After conceding a goal from the kick off the girls dug deep and hung in the game until half time keeping the score at 0-1.  They then conceded 2 more goals without creating many opportunities for themselves and the game looked to be petering out before a goal from Mel gave the girls hope.  But it was too little, too late and the girls were consigned to another close defeat.

Youth won 2-3 (Enver Kerem 1, Shannon Fielding 1, Marko Filipovic 1)

This was the first of 3 outstanding, heart stopping 3-2 wins from our senior teams.  The teams were evenly matched in the 1st half with Quake conceding a sloppy goal to go into the break 0-1 down.  Soon after the game resumed Magic got their 2nd and looked to be in control of the game but Shannon had other ideas and monstered Magic to get the goal that sparked the revival.  Enver then got the equaliser soon after and Magic looked worried – especially as some good keeping and a fair amount of luck denied them chance after chance.  With only a few minutes left on the clock Marko scored to crush Magic’s hopes and spark celebrations as Quake scored an improbable come from behind victory.  A great game to watch and a fantastic effort by the lads. Well done.

Women won 2-3 (Zoeie Redman 1, Elisha Williams 1, Steph Haim 1) sponsored by Dunsheas United Realty

What a game!  As Magic’s Matteo said ‘probably one of the best Women’s games we’ve ever seen’.   Quake fell behind early in the half and had to work hard to keep in the game.  They levelled the scores just before the half but fell behind again soon after the break.  Just when Magic were looking to kill the game off with a 3rd goal a quick break from a blocked shot was beautifully finished by Elisha and Quake had equalised.  Then, just when you thought the game couldn’t get any better, the girls went end-to-end on break, and counter break, for a good 5 minutes running themselves into the ground.  With only 2 minutes left Claire ran on goal and was flattened in the challenge by the ‘keeper and the ref pointed to the spot.  With the crowd erupting, Steph trotted on to smash the penalty into the net for Quake to snatch the lead and the win.  The girls weren’t at their best and they say good teams win when they don’t play as well as they can – this is a very good team.  6 from 6 now girls!

Men won 3-2 (Dean Lockhart 1, Shayne Ardle 1, Jordan Mundell 1)

The boys shocked the more fancied Magic by taking 2 very well constructed goals early in the game and then holding a 2-1 lead ’til the half.  But the indicators were that Magic were working their way back into the game very nicely and when they levelled the scores at 2-2 with plenty of time on the clock it looked like they were going to ride the momentum to a win.  But Quake dug deep, steadied the ship and started to create a few more chances.  With just 2 minutes left, and with Magic pressing for the winner, Quake countered and a perfect back stick ball was smashed into the net for the winner.  This was a very impressive performance by the boys against one of the competition favourites who are loaded with talent.  Great game, great result.


After losing 2 close games in the 12s and then copping 2 big losses in the 14s, the 16 Boys started a rally that the Youth, Men and Women finished.  Early on it looked like another Nightmare On Redfern Street but the Club is made of sterner stuff this year.  So, even though Magic took 3 more Club Championship points from the day thna Quake we can be well satisfied with our return in the end.

As always…..GO QUAKE!

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  1. I had the pleasure of witnessing two brilliant senior games on the weekend, the Quake Women vs Magic and the Mens Quake vs Magic game. Ladies, the Futsal from Magic and Quake was outstanding and you should be very proud of yourselves from the skill displayed to the sportsmanship and character that was on show, I have never seen a more engaging women’s game. Then the men played and raised the bar again, 100 minutes of exciting Futsal and played in a great spirit well done to both clubs…..wish FFA was there to watch. Thank you to all involved.

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