Womens World Cup team qualified for the quarter finals!


AFA logoAfter an 8-1 victory against Canada the Australian Women’s team have qualified for the quarter finals and will verse Venezuela at 6.30pm Colombian time (10.30am in Sydney & Melbourne & 9.30am in Brisbane).

Today was not the greatest day to play at 2.00 pm in the afternoon in a non air-conditioned stadium. The crowd was probably 2 to 3 hundred and that’s understandable as we in the crowd sat there soaked sweat. The bench mentioned that when players came off during the game they were like radiator heaters coming towards you as they gave off so much heat.

We had a slow start but when the first goal went in from penalty things relaxed . 2-0 up at half time the eventual score was 8-1, with Serena Conyngham Australian Futsal saving a penalty that could have made it 8-2. Our defensive game was again great .

We now meet Venezuela in the quarter final , a team of professionals who look good but every game is open. The game is played Thursday morning Brisbane time 11.00 am and Sydney/Melbourne 12.00 pm. W have been promised it will be streamed on the Columbian TV site that mot of you have, otherwise we’ll do Vikings TV streaming again. Our USA friends have their final round game Wednesday morning same time, and need to win to go through, so if you are looking for some entertainment tune in and support them.

Interesting fact we learnt today. 400 national police have been imported into the city for the tournament, our team has 5 of them full time to look after them.

Rest day tomorrow so all the aussies are off to carry out that favourite past-time of ours ….shopping !

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