2014 Term 1 School Age Futsal Competitions (NZ)

Futsal Dunedin

Logo - Futsal SouthThe 2014 term 1 Futsal Competitions will all run for 8 weeks.

Registrations for these competitions close Friday 14th February.

The cost for 8 weeks of competition is $292.00

Futsal South have the following competitions avaible 

Note: well have a number of age groups with varying Divisions of ability.

Division 1 is for the top teams and there after, please match your teams to the Div where they can stay competitive. 

Yr 7-8 or Intermediate begins 25-Feb.  Finishes 15th April Comp. available  Girls 7-8     Boys Yr 7, Yr 8,  and Mixed Yr 7-8 

Yr 9-10 or Jnr High Sch begins 25th Feb. Finishes 15th April.  Comp. availalbe  Girls 9-10  Boys 9-10                  

Yr 1-6 or Primary Sch begins 26th Feb. Finishes 16th April.                                                            Comp. available Yr 1 New Entrances, Mixed Yr 1-2, Mixed 3-4, Mixed Yr 5-6, Girls Yr 5-6, Boys Yr 5-6 (Note: Mixed does not stand for gender. Mixed is for a team that can have both age groups in it)

Yr 11-13 Or Snr High Sch begins 27th Feb.  Finishes 17th April.Comp. available   Girls Yr 11-13    Boys Yr 11-13

To Register your Team for these competitions you can click on one of these links.

2014 FST1 Yr 9-10 High Sch Team Registration Form

2014 FST1 Yr 7-8 Intermediate Sch Team Registration Form

2014 FST1 Yr 1-6 Primary Sch Team Registration Form

2014 FST1 Yr 11-13 High Sch Team Registration Form

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