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Monaro Panthers 18 (Nicolas Felizzi (8), Anthony Macarlino (6), Andrew Noack (3), Max Farinazzo) Belconnen United 5 (William Fitzpatrick (2), Maxx Green (2), Leon Michl)

An early opening goal off the kick off to Monaro Panthers set the tone for the game as the Panthers roared into the final with a convincing 18-5 victory over Belconnen United. Belconnen had some close attempts but only struck lucky once in the opening stanza to trail at half time 7-1. After the break the Blue Devils increased the tempo and pushed up the defensive pressure, working tirelessly to keep Monaro off the scoreboard. However Monaro’s superior team work proved too strong for their opponents as they out-powered Belconnen to run away with the victory. The competition’s leading socrer Nicolas Flizzi scored eight goals and Anthony Macarlino six.

Tuggeranong United 10 (Zedan Mutlu (4), Liam Wille (3), Ben Obst (2), Ben Walther) Woden Valley Lightning 0
From the start it was easy to see Woden Valley Lightning’s determination to pin the favourites back in their own half with some consistent pressing. Both teams worked hard on the attack, and it wasn’t until the 10th minute that Tuggeranong opened the scoring with the first goal of the match. Woden Valley had a number of nail biting attempts to equalise early, however Tuggeranong managed to steal a couple more goals on the break to increase the gap to 3-0 going into half time. The second half saw plenty of fantastic saves from the Woden Valley keeper, but it was not enough to keep Tuggeranong from finding the back of the net to take the 10-0 win with Zedan Mutlu and Liam Wille both ending the match with hat-tricks.


To say this will be an exciting Grand Final match is an understatement. Both teams have been the dominant teams in the competition with Monaro Panthers edging to victory in their first battle 9-3, and Tuggeranong United returning the favour 4-3 in their second meeting. The experience and skill level has been more than impressive this season with the both teams having the top four goal scorers in the competition (Felizzi 54 and Macarlino 19 for Panthers, Wille 38 and Mutlu 30 for United). The Panthers may have the upper hand with their superb team work however Tuggeranong’s powerful shooting from distance and skilful attack could prove the difference. Either way we are in for a great match of Futsal.

 Nicolas FELIZZI (Monaro Panthers)
38 Liam WILLE (Tuggeranong United)
30 Zedan MUTLU (Tuggeranong United)
19 Anthony MACARLINO (Monaro Panthers), Elijah CHACOS, Shuji NAWATA (Woden Valley Lightning), Luca GAGLIARDI (Woden Valley Thunder)
16 Andrew NOACK (Monaro Panthers)
15 Leon MICHL (Belconnen United)
12 Ben WALTHER (Tuggeranong United), Jordan HOST (Weston-Molonglo FC)
11 Riley RAWIRI (Weston-Molonglo FC), Samuel MAZEY-FRANKCOM (Woden Valley Lightning)
10 William FITZPATRICK (Belconnen United), Eliot HALL (Woden Valley Lightning)
9 Max FARINAZZO (Monaro Panthers), Lorenzo PILAPIL (Weston-Molonglo FC), Daniel GROVE (Woden Valley Lightning)
8 Maxx GREEN (Belconnen United), Matthew KING, Ben OBST (Tuggeranong United)
7 Jack TALLARIDA-LYONS (Weston-Molonglo FC), Tom HOWARTH (Woden Valley Thunder)
6 Elliott CHARLES (Tuggeranong United), Armani TAFFA (Woden Valley Thunder)
5 Karly ROESTBAKKEN (Monaro Panthers), own GOALS
4 Dylan CHALMERS (Belconnen United), James DRISCOLL (Monaro Panthers), Jack BOLTON (Woden Valley Lightning)
David GURNEY (Tuggeranong United), Oscar HOURIGAN (Weston-Molonglo FC), William GRANGER, Cody WEBB (Woden Valley Thunder)
2 Samuel CHALK, Harry STEWART (Belconnen United), Jack EVANS-GILDEA, Harrison TRUMAN (Weston-Molonglo FC), Eliot HALL (Woden Valley Lightning), Harry ECONOMOLPOULOS (Woden Valley Thunder)
1 Henry JAGLA, Alexander WALSH (Belconnen United), George GABBEOY (Monaro Panthers), Liam WHITBY (Weston-Molonglo FC), Matthew PRYOR (Woden valley Lightning), Gabriel OSINGA (Woden Valley Thunder)

Tuesday 10th December 2013
Stromlo (5:45pm)

Monaro Panthers v Tuggeranong United 

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