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Logo - ACT Capital Football Futsal (PNG)The semi-finals of the Men’s Futsal Premier League will take place this Friday with the top four having been decided following an epic final round of action last week. After a night of high drama it was Boomerangs FS who claimed the final spot and the, somewhat dubious, honour of facing red-hot Canberra City Prawns in the semi-finals. Meanwhile Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves will play Canberra Olympic in the other semi-final having had a dress rehearsal in the final round.

Boomerangs progressed to the semi-finals stage at the expense of Woden Valley winning 5-4 in one of the games of the season. Boomerangs knew they needed to win to progress and they managed it in a narrow nine-goal thriller. In the end goals from Adam Dobell (2), Chris Lee (2) and David Dexter proved just enough to see off a Woden side who fought until the bitter end. Thomas Zeitlhofer (2), Sean O’Neill and Daniel Bennett kept Woden in touch throughout but Boomerangs prevailed.

Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves will head into their semi-final match with Canberra Olympic in a confident mood having seen off their challengers 4-3 in the final round, jumping over Olympic and ending the season in second spot on the ladder. In what was effectively a dead rubber, with both teams safely into the last four, Timberwolves netted via Callum Beaton, Goran Josifovski, Philip Mackay and William Shepherd whilst goals from Misko Naumoski, Michael Reeve and Tom McLachlan kept Olympic in touch. There will be little to choose between the pair when they meet again this week.

A double from Rui Ferreira and an eleventh goal of the season from Zach Knight ensured that Queanbeyan City would end the season with a victory and on a positive note as they defeated Untouchables FC 3-2. City edged the win with some excellent play against the Premier League newcomers who ended the season in sixth place and can be proud of their highly competitive competition debut. Jack Blackley and Jason Farrell scored for Untouchables in defeat.

Once again however it was Canberra City Prawns who caught the eye ending the regular season with a perfect record with two wins from their final two matches. A young and enthusiastic Belconnen United pushed them all the way before being beaten 8-5 whilst Queanbeyan City was ruthlessly exposed, drubbed 14-2. In the match against the Blue Devils Robbie Cattanach (3), Daniel Fulton (2), Trent Flanigan (2) and Stephen Domenici all struck whilst goals from Michael Rinaudo (2), Kieran Mattress, Gianmarco Senatore and Matthew Stirton gave the young Belconnen side plenty to be cheerful about.

Dylan Alexandrow-Ridley and Ben Harrington found the target against the Prawns for Queanbeyan in the final game of the season but the Prawns were in no mood to rest up for challenges ahead and struck back with a barrage of goals. Cattanach and Fulton bragged five each, with Cattanach’s eight for the evening giving him the Golden Boot award by one goal from Lukas Cole of Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves. Doubles from Pat Ross-Magee and Domenici completed a superb display and gave the Prawns an undefeated regular season.

Round 14– 4th December 2013
ANU Sports Centre – International Court

Canberra City Prawns 8 (Robbie Cattanach (3), Daniel Fulton (2), Trent Flanigan (2), Stephen Domenici) Belconnen United 5 (Michael Rinaudo (2), Kieran Mattress, Gianmarco Senatore, Matthew Stirton)
Queanbeyan City 3 (Rui Ferreira (2), Zach Knight) Untouchables FC 2 (Jack Blackley, Jason Farrell)
Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves 4 (Callum Beaton, Goran Josifovski, Philip Mackay, William Shepherd) Canberra Olympic 3 (Misko Naumoski, Michael Reeve, Tom McLachlan)
Boomerangs FS 5 (Adam Dobell (2), Chris Lee (2), David Dexter) Woden Valley 4 (Thomas Zeitlhofer (2), Sean O’Neill, Daniel Bennett)
Round 5: Canberra City Prawns 14 (Daniel Fulton (5), Robbie Cattanach (5), Stephen Domenici (2), Pat Ross-Magee (2)) Queanbeyan City 2 (Dylan Alexandrow-Ridley, Ben Harrington)



 Robbie CATTANACH (Canberra City Prawns)
26 Lukas COLE (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves)
23 Stephen DOMENICI, Daniel FULTON (Canberra City Prawns)
19 Trent FLANIGAN (Canberra City Prawns)
18 Cameron GORDON (Untouchables FC)
15 Pat ROSS-MAGEE (Canberra City Prawns)
13 Chris LEE (Boomerangs FS), Misko NAUMOSKI (Canberra Olympic), Jason O’DWYER (Canberra Olympic), Philip MACKAY (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves), Thomas ZEITLHOFER (Woden Valley)
11 Zach KNIGHT, Nathan WALKER (Queanbeyan City), Richard MOON (Untouchables FC)
10 Brad SAWYER (Boomerangs FS), Ben HARRINGTON (Queanbeyan City), Daniel BENNETT, Sean O’NEILL (Woden Valley)
Michael RINAUDO (Belconnen United), Tony ALEKSOVSKI (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves)
Tom McLACHLAN (Canberra Olympic), Rui FERREIRA (Queanbeyan City), Aidan BROWN (Untouchables FC), William SHEPPARD (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves), Own GOALS
7 Kieran MATTRESS (Belconnen United), Goran JOSIFOVSKI (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves)
Matthew STIRTON (Belconnen United), Adam DOBELL (Boomerangs FS), Callum SMITH (Canberra Olympic), Dylan ALEXANDROW-RIDLEY (Queanbeyan City), Adrian STROH (Untouchables FC)
5 Ryan LITTLE (Belconnen United), David DEXTER, David LEET (Boomerangs FS), Grant DAVOREN, Jeoff NOJA (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves), Jake WILSENER (Woden Valley)
4 Evan EKIN-SMYTH (Boomerangs FS), Ryan KEIR (Canberra City Prawns), Kristian COLLINS, Michael REEVE (Canberra Olympic), Jack BLACKLEY (Untouchables FC), Nicholas KEIR, Ben PAGETT, Joshua PARISI (Woden Valley)
3 Nikolas POPOVICH, Gianmarco SENATORE (Belconnen United), Andrew McGURGAN, Goran MILUTINOVIC, Anthony PULCIANI (Queanbeyan City), Jason FARRELL (Untouchables FC), Jonathan CIMINELLI (Woden Valley)
2 Nicholas RATHJEN (Belconnen United), Hugh EKIN-SMYTH (Boomerangs FS), Glenn SMITH (Canberra Olympic)
1 Josh GASPARI, Ryan QUARMBY, Christopher SMITH (Belconnen United), Brendan HAWKER, James PERRY, Cameron REINHART (Boomerangs FS), Matt MENSER (Canberra City Prawns), Philippe BERNABO-MADRID, Bernard RENE (Canberra Olympic), Joshua BROEKHUYSE, Raymond MOON (Untouchables FC), Callum BEATON (Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves), Daniel GIOVINAZZO, Zach SORENSON (Woden Valley)

Friday 13th December

Canberra City Prawns v Boomerangs FS (19:45)
Weston-Molonglo Timberwolves v Canberra Olympic (20:30)

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