Boomerangs vs Mountain Majik (NSW)

Boomerangs FS

BoomerangsFS2Round 10 of the 2013/2014 Football NSW Futsal Premier League saw the Boomerangs travel to the Hawkesbury region to take on the accomplished Mountain Majik club.

The Round 3 clash between Boomerangs and Majik at the AIS saw the mountaineers take home seven wins from nine available. The Boomerangs wanted – indeed needed – to see a better return than that on this return clash at South Windsor.

The  improvement seen across the club last week did indeed continue this week, with the club bringing home three wins and a draw – and some not from games that were expected to bring home the points. This left the club feeling that although the return from the day was satisfactory against the club sitting second in the Club Championship, that at least two more wins were within its grasp from this away round against Majik.

12 Boys

Boomerangs 6 – 2 Majik

When these two teams clashed in the first half of the season we saw the narrowest of wins to Majik 2-1. However, this time the Boomerangs boys played with discipline and winning intent and never really let the Majik team into the match. Some great goals were scored on the back of terrific teamwork – and the best way to start the day. This result sees the Boomerangs 12s in the top four, leapfrogging the Majik boys in the process.

12 Girls

Boomerangs 2 – 5 Majik

Earlier in the season, the Majik over ran the Boomerangs 12s by six goals. This time though, a much improved showing from the girls, limiting Majik to scoring five, and scoring two themselves in the process. A solid result against a team sitting in second place on the table. This team continues to progress and improve during this season.

14 Boys

Boomerangs 1 – 5 Majik

Once again, an improved performance from this team, narrowing the margin from Round 3 earlier this season (1-8) . However, not quite enough to really challenge this strong Majik team.

14 Girls

Boomerangs 0 – 8 Majik

First against last on the competition ladder. The girls played well and tried their hardest throughout the forty minutes, but could not contain a very strong Majik unit that looks likely to take out the major prize this year.

16 Boys

Boomerangs 5 – 2 Majik

Another first against last match up that saw a boil over of huge proportions. The 16 boys – for the second week in a row – producing the mightiest of upsets. In Round 3, the Majik dominated to win 9-1, however in this game, the Majik were no match for the intensity, team work, and desire shown by the 16 Boomerangs boys. As a consequence of this result, the Boomerangs 16s moved up to sixth on the table with an outside shot of making the finals, and Majik were deposed from top spot.

16 Girls

Boomerangs 2 – 2 Majik

Earlier this season, the Boomerangs 16 girls dominated against the Majik winning 6-0. However, in this round, the Majik girls have shown how much they have improved as they took it to the Boomerangs girls all across the court. As it stands, both teams sit well outside the top four and are unlikely to feature in finals this season.

Youth Men

Boomerangs 6 – 2 Majik

Round 3 saw the Majik youth rip apart the defence of the Boomerangs lads and take the match 6-0. This match though saw a complete turnaround with the Boomerangs youth starting the game strongly and continuing that way throughout the game scoring regularly and putting in a sterling effort in defence. This division remains the closest of all (seven points only between first and eighth), and even though the lads are still in last spot on the table, wins from their final four games of the season could see them grab a top four finish.

Open Women

Boomerangs 3 – 9 Majik

Round 3 saw the Majik ladies take a tight and close match 2-0. This round however, the Majik team dominated a Boomerangs outfit comprising mainly of 16s girls (who had already played an intense draw not 45 minutes earlier). A 7-0 half time score a result of strong Majik performances all over the court and playing together well as a unit. Fears of a total wipe out were eased though as the Boomerangs women stepped up in the second half (and winning it 3-2).

Open Men

Boomerangs 1 – 4 Majik

Earlier this season, the Boomerangs men dominated against Majik winning comfortably 9-2. The Majik though, have certainly improved as the season has progressed and the intensity of their defensive effort was noted. They did not allow any free flowing Boomerangs attacks to form, and limited the number of scoring shots. This was a match where the Boomerangs men didn’t at all look like they had any momentum, or free flowing offence and never looked ‘in the match’.

Boomerangs remain in second place on the men’s table after Dural secured a victory over Mascot (4-2) taking them to 23 points, Quake defeated Enfield to be level with the Boomerangs on 19 points (but behind on goal difference). Inner West Magic remain in the top four (on 18 points) with a win over Phoenix.

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