Futsal boys shine in top company (QLD)


With a commitment to playing futsal the right way from a young age, the Fury-us under-10 boys futsal team turned heads at last weekend’s Johnny Warren Champions Cup.

The team, named in honour of the city’s A-league and NPL club, won four of their five games to finish second in the under-10 category in the prestigious futsal tournament in Brisbane.

They were the only team from North Queensland to attend after being nominated by the NQ Futsal Association.


The Fury-us North Queensland boys under-10 futsal team finished second at the Johnny Warren Champions Cup in Shailer Park, south of Brisbane last week.

Coach David Johnston said the team of eight boys wasn’t highly rated at first as there was normally a gulf in talent between players from the city and the regions.

“But the group I’ve got are special and they blew my expectations away,” he said.

“I honestly thought as a coach I’d be picking their confidence up but if you don’t challenge them, you’ll never know.

“Far from picking up their confidence, I couldn’t believe there was no gulf in talent between my boys and the Brisbane boys.”

He said they had attracted interest from Football Federation Australia representatives from the way they were playing, despite only being together as a team for three months.

“We like to play the passing game and possession and holding the ball and creating the opportunities with a killer pass and taking advantage,” Johnston said.

“Early on I didn’t mind sacrificing some results to play the game the way we wanted to play and I knew we would reap the rewards and already they are.”

The team plays together in the NQ junior futsal competition and are going to join together next year to form an outdoor football team.

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