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Futsal Oz

Logo - Futsal Oz (PNG)Futsal Oz is pleased to announce the purchase of the company “Full On Sports” and its 5,000sm Stadium in the beautiful suburb of Mount Evelyn, Victoria. “This is a massive step for us as we will be able to offer what we have in the inner city of Melbourne to our friends in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, It would also allow us to hold national and international events all under one roof as we are planning to upgrade the multi use facility into the biggest purpose built Futsal complex in Australasia. With 5 courts including a couple of international size ones which I must say I’m not a big fan of, this complex will put the far eastern suburbs on the Futsal Australian map. I am delighted to announce that Futsal Oz has the opportunity to directly invest in the future of Australian Futsal”.

The new complex will consist of 5 brand new futsal courts, a metro cafe area and a gymnasium. It will be a larger version of Futsal Oz Brunswick with some Nike V-League premiership & Pepsi WV-League rounds being fixtured.

A Junior FAFL and of course Futsal Oz’s well run SOCIAL LEAGUES.

Futsal Oz Mt Evelyn will attract players from all over the east and create a hub of Futsal enthusiasts, it will also create casual & some full time jobs to the region making it a family friendly environment.

“We expecting to open the doors in April 2014 and will start accepting team applications and Junior training registration for an equivalent to the Inner City FC program in February 2014?.

Its exciting time for Futsal Oz and we invite you to join us. Many thanks to everyone involved – Peter Parthimos

For more information please contact us on 1300 788 799 or email info@futsal oz.com


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