Ballarat boys shoot for Spain (VIC)


Thirteen year old Victorian Country players Nick Callahan and Micah Darby had a ball at the 2014 National Titles and are now anxiously waiting in the hopes of receiving an invitation to represent Australia in Spain.


Callahan (Left) and Darby (Right)

In contrast to Callahan, who has been playing Futsal for over six years, Darby has only recently discovered the sport. Darby was introduced to Futsal by his school principle.

“My principle convinced me to play in an inter-school Futsal competition. I have loved playing Futsal ever since because it is fast, technical and exciting; It can be anyone’s game at anytime” Darby said.

Callahan and Darby were selected to represent Victoria following a gruelling trial in Ballarat.

Callahan believes he stood out at the trials because he is a versatile player.

“I think I stood out at trials because I am a confident goal keeper and court player. I prefer to play as a target so that I can set up and score goals” Callahan said.

Darby said that his height gives him an advantage as a player and that he helped his team by acting as a strong leader;

“I use my head two ways; I can use my height to win the ball and I am a confident leader” Darby said.

Darby and Callahan were disappointed that their team did not make the final, however they were proud of the effort they put in and said they were a bit unlucky.

“We’re shattered that we didn’t make the finals” Callahan said.

“We were a bit unlucky; during our second last game we hit the cross-bar twice, this meant that we lost the game and our chance at finals” Darby said.

Despite an abrupt ending to their2014 Nationals competition both Darby and Callahan are looking forward to playing futsal in the future.

Confident Callahan sees no limits ahead;

“In the future I would like to play in Brazil and win a Ballon D’or” Callahan said.

Darby has his eyes set on the more immediate future;

“I am looking forward to the possibility of returning to Nationals next year to try and make the finals”Darby said.

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