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Logo - Futsal Oz (PNG)Well what a week it was for all sides who participated in the AFA Nationals in Sydney and FFA Nationals in Canberra. Starting with Sydney and it was a successful week for all juniors out of Futsal Oz who competed for Victoria Metro and throughout 3 age groups (U10?s, U11?s, 13?s & U16?s) Only suffered 4 defeats over 33 competitive games with only the under 16?s failing to make the final falling in a heartbreaking golden goal loss to Queensland City. Futsal Oz is determined to see Futsal grow not only in Victoria but in Australia and we believe the results out of Sydney and Canberra are just another step in the right direction.

Touching on the Under 14 girls results it was the girls first time playing out of Victoria and with mixed ages it would prove a valuable learning experience for all involved with hard training to come over this year the hope is the girls can significantly improve for the next one and get a few wins on the board.

Following good performances from the juniors it was the Mens turn to take centre stage and they would not disappoint as they began the tournament with a crushing 19-1 win over Tasmania and they only continued that form racing through their group undefeated on the back of wins against  Far NSW, West Coast Gold, NSW Country & Queensland City respectively. The lads backed up their performances winning their Quarter Final over Vic Country 4-2 before serving up another crushing defeat in their semi final 5-2 over Queensland City as they headed into the finals as heavy favourites. However their run came to a screeching hault falling to NSW 1-0 in a closely contested final as the Vic’s relented their title to NSW for another year.

Moving over to the AFA Women’s competition the women would have felt very confident heading into the tournament and they opened it up brilliantly beating Tasmania 6-1 in the opening game followed by a hard fought draw with NSW City. The girls backed up the draw with a crushing 9-0 win over Northern NSW to all but assure them a quarter final birth. Next up they suffered a close defeat to NSW South 2-1 before finishing off the group stage with a 7-1 win over Country West NSW. Getting into the quarter finals the girls overcame West Coast winning 2-1 in golden goal to put themselves in a great position to make the final. After leading for a majority of the Semi the girls gave up 2 late goals including one in the final 10 seconds to eventually fall to NSW North in what proved a heartbreaking defeat but none the less the girls could walk away with their heads held high.

Next up we take a look at the Open Men’s results over the course of the week in Canberra. With many NIKE V-League players in the Victorian side it was believed to be the year the Vic’s finally take home the gold. The tournament began with a harsh defeat to ACT just going down 3-2 in what was a replay of last years final with a capital just taking bragging rights for the time being. A hard fought 2-1 victory over Queensland got the Vic’s tournament back on track as they managed to grab a 4-4 draw with NSW Thunder the next day. Sitting on 4 points the big V recorded a convincing 4-0 win over South Australia to finish 3rd and set up yet another  meeting with arc rivals ACT in the semi final. The Vic’s lead the game for the majority jumping out to a 3-1 lead before succumbing to the ACT pressure and the game went all the way to extra time only for ACT to inflict another heartbreaking win over the Victorians sending them home at the Semi Final stage.

Finally we look at the Victorian open women’s side of things and the girls were desperately unlucky in their early game falling to ACT 4-2 before falling 2-1 to NSW Thunder as it look as if the girls would not even get to the semi final stage. A hard fought nil all draw with NSW Lightning gave them hope of qualifying. A tight and high scoring 6-5 win over South Australia had the girls into the semi final stage with the chance to take on Lightning for a second time during the tournament unfortunately for the Vic’s Lightning went one step further than their previous meeting winning 1-0 to knock the Vic’s out also at the semi final stage.


Under 10 Boys

  • Victoria Metro 10-1 New South Wales Country
  • Victoria Metro 10-1 Western Queensland
  • Victoria Metro 11-1 North Central Coast
  • Victoria Metro 11-2 Queensland Capital
  • Victoria Metro 13-2 Aukland Sampa
  • QTR : Victoria Metro 7-2 Central Coast New South Wales
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 7-3 Aukland Sampa
  • FINAL : Victoria Metro 5-3 Far North Queensland

Under 11 Boys

  • Victoria Metro 4-1 New South Wales South
  • Victoria Metro 7-1 Victoria Country
  • Victoria Metro 11-0 New South Wales North
  • Victoria Metro 14-1 New South Wales Country
  • Victoria Metro 3-3 Queensland City
  • Victoria Metro 5-3 Queensland Capital
  • QTR: Victoria Metro 8-2 Far North Queensland
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 6-3 Central Coast New South Wales
  • FINAL : Victoria Metro 0-2 New South Wales South


Under 13 Boys

  • Victoria Metro 5-1 Victoria Country
  • Victoria Metro 5-3 Queensland Metro
  • Victoria Metro 4-2 Queensland Country
  • Victoria Metro 4-3 Central Coast
  • Victoria Metro 5-1 Victoria Country
  • Victoria Metro 9-0 Queensland Metro
  • Victoria Metro 4-1 Queensland Country
  • Victoria Metro 8-3 Central Coast
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 6-1 New South Wales
  • FINAL : Victoria Metro 5-4 Central Coast

Under 16 Boys

  • Victoria Metro 6-2 Victoria Country
  • Victoria Metro 0-5 Queensland City
  • Victoria Metro 7-5 Queensland Country
  • Victoria Metro 1-4 New South Wales North
  • QTR : Victoria Metro 4-3 New South Wales West
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 2-3 (AET) Queensland City

Open Men

  • Victoria Metro 19-1 Tasmania
  • Victoria Metro 7-2 Far New South Wales
  • Victoria Metro 7-2 West Coast Gold
  • Victoria Metro 4-1 New South Wales Country
  • Victoria Metro 7-1 Queensland City
  • QTR : Victoria Metro 4-2 Victoria Country
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 5-1 Queensland City
  • FINAL : Victoria Metro 0-1 New South Wales

Open Women

  • Victoria Metro 6-1 Tasmania
  • Victoria Metro 2-2 New South Wales City
  • Victoria Metro 9-0 Northern New South Wales
  • Victoria Metro 1-2 New South Wales South
  • Victoria Metro 7-1 Country West New South Wales
  • QTR : Victoria Metro 2-1 (AET) West Coast
  • SEMI : Victoria Metro 1-2 New South Wales North


Open Mens

  • Victoria 2-3 Australian Capital Territory – Goalscorers – Maxim Avram 25? Jason Barrientos 36?
  • Victoria 2-1 Queensland – Goalscorers – Miguel Barrigos 6? Konrad Machoy 18?
  • Victoria 4-4 New South Wales Thunder – Goalscorers – Maxim Avram 7’ Mark Symington (og) 17’ Fernando De Moraes (pen) 29’ Rueben Langerak 40’
  • Victoria 4-0 South Australia Goalscorers –  Adam Cooper (pen) 15’  Miguel Barrigos 25’  Matthew Vragovski 28’  Maxim Avram 38’
  • SEMI : Victoria 3-5 (AET) Australian Capital Territory – Goalscorers – Fernando De Moraes 4’, Jonathan Barrientos 20’, Jason Barrientos 30’

Open Women

  • Victoria 2-4 Australian Capital Territory – Goalscorers – Melissa Missailidis 18’  Liesl Woods 24
  • Victoria 1-2 New South Wales Thunder – Goalscorers – Kristen Stensholt
  • Victoria 0-0 New South Wales Lightning
  • Victoria 6-5 South Australia – Goalscorers – Sienna Fogarty 2’  Bethany Koutsouridis (og) 4’  Marijana Rajcic 17’  31’  Kristin Stensholt 27’  Madelaine Richardson 29’
  • SEMI : Victoria 0-1 New South Wales Lightning

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