Northern Beach athletes make waves at Australian Futsal Titles (NSW)


Following their performance at the Australian Futsal Association National Titles in Sydney, local trio Luca Baptist, Bryce Harry and Declan Annear have set their sights on representing Australia.


The very talented NSW North under eleven’s team believes that they stood out because they have a lot of experience playing together.

“During the trials we played a mini world cup, we stood out and were selected to play for NSW North because we play together really well” Baptist said.

Team mate, Bryce Harry feels that while the team works well together, it was their speed and passion that put their team a cut above the rest at the 2014 National Titles.

“We are very fast and we are really passionate. We have a good combination of players.I’m really fast and Luca is really strong so we rotate in defence depending on what the team needs.” Harry said.

The NSW North boys remained undefeated up until the semi-finals. They missed out on the grand final by one goal.

Following his team’s success at Nationals, Annear has set his eye on representing Australia. He stated that an emphasis on communication gave his team an edge at Nationals and that it would be great to tour Brazil with his mates.

“We were undefeated until our semi-final. We are really good friends who have been playing together for more than a year so we communicate really well. Our communication gave us an advantage during the national’s competition.

In the future we would all like to go overseas to play for Australia, It would be awesome to tour Brazil,” Annear said.

“The skills in Brazil are amazing. Futsal is like a religion, I reckon we could learn a lot.” Luca added.

Despite missing out on the grand-final, the NSW North under eleven’s team stood out due to their special bond. Their mateship encourages unrelenting passion and helps them play together as a mature Futsal team. We are sure to see more of Annear, Baptist and Harry in the future.

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