Victorian Samuel De Los Santos has his sight set on Finals Day (NSW)

Australian Futsal Association

delosDe Los Santos reported today that he is feeling confident that his Victorian Metro team will make the finals because they are a passionate team that work well together.

Samuel De Los Santos has been playing Futsal since he was three years old. Unlike most players his age, he is 100% dedicated to Futsal (he does not play soccer). He said he is committed to futsal because it is challenging and fast.

“Futsal is very fast, I am always a part of the game. I am a flank so I rotate around the court helping my team in defence and upfront.” De Los Santos said.

De Los Santos was selected to represent Victoria after a stellar performance during trials in Ballarat. He believes he stood out because he is a team player who sets up a lot of goals.

De Los Santo’s 10 boys Victorian Metro team are currently undefeated. De Los Santos said the highlight of the tournament for his team so far was defeating NSW 11 goals to One. However, his personal highlight was setting up a really exciting goal.

“I set-up the very first goal my team scored. I laid it off to my friend Elias who took a shot from a long way out. The ball dipped at the last second and he scored” De Los Santos said.

De Los Santos is feeling confident for finals day tomorrow.

“My team’s ability to rotate and make quick counter-attacks from defence will set us apart from other teams on finals day.  If we make it, the final will be a tough game but I will be quick to tackle players and make runs up the sideline, I think this will help my team win” De Los Santos said.

De Los Santos ultimate goal this tournament is to make the All Stars team however, in the future he hopes to play for Australia.

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