Victorian squads announced for 2014 FFA National Futsal Champs

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Logo - Football Federation VictoriaFootball Federation Victoria (FFV) is excited to reveal its nine Victorian representative squads and five match officials who will feature in the 2014 FFA National Futsal Championships.

The tournament is held annually in Canberra and will run from January 13-17, with Victoria keen to build on last year’s performance where it had three grand finalists across the Open Men, Open Women and 14 Boys categories.

FFV Futsal head coach Eugene Lawrenz said he was looking forward to seeing all the squads perform well.

“Futsal is moving forward and progressing in Victoria. Coaches are coaching to a higher standard, and players and teams are playing a better style of Futsal,” Lawrenz said.

“We have many new faces in terms of players and also coaches this year, but we believe all of them will do well and it will be a good opportunity for everyone to test themselves at this level.”

After near misses in recent championships, Lawrenz said he had high hopes for the 2014 Open Men’s squad.

“We have Fernando de Moreas as a player and assistant coach with the Open Men, and I believe this has worked out really well. We have a very good squad and have been training well for several months.”

Lawrenz said he was excited to see a strong 2013 for the State Futsal Program come to fruition in Canberra.

“We had a record number of players attend trials. Combine that with the number of social venues that operate in Melbourne and it shows a massive interest in futsal,” he said.

“The benefits of futsal in terms of technical development and decision making under pressure, goalkeepers included, are clear for everyone to see.”

Five Victorian match officials have been selected to attend the championships, including Aaron Langenberg (2013 Futsal Referee of the Year), Adrian Attard, Rowhen McBride, Rodrigo Salas and Christy Holt (first female futsal referee), while Tas Patrikis will again head to Canberra as Victoria’s assessor.

Victoria will also have a team feature in the Athletes with Disability (AWD) event.

Tournament draw can be found here. Full list of squads and staff below:

Head coach: Kogulan Sabaratnam
Assistant coach / Team manager: John Sugurananthan
1. Carlos Karam
2. Edward Bradnam
3. James Norbury
4. Noah McGrath
5. Thomas Fogarty
6. Gus Coleman
7. Lucas Nedanovski
8. Bradley Chick
10. James Tountas
12. Ryan Lehpamer

Head coach: Dicky Tang
Assistant coach / Team Manager: Mark Topic
1. Lara El-Hayek
2. Alice Burke
3. Ava Hales
4. Francesca Brand
5. Niamh Griffen
6. Dakota Thyssen
7. Amy Lawton
9. Elissa Sugunananthan
10. Elissa Mori
11. Ashleigh Harvie

Head coach: Chris Muelu
Assistant coach / Team manager: Tolga Akturk
1. James Hardy
3. Mitchell Trajcevski
4. Dylan Govic
5. Billy Matousi
7. Nicholas Vassiliou
8. Adem Or
9. Gabriel Beck-Godoy
10. Alexander Bevacqua
11. Campbell Dovaston
12. Gili Inbar

Head coach: John Perich
Assistant coach / Team manager: Jess Hooley-Davis
1. Teresa Morrissey
2. Molly Burke
3. Ruby Burke
4. Sarah Cain
5. Annalyse Vamvalis
6. Samantha Black
7. Paige Edwards
8. Olivia Barale
9. Danielle Kantarias
10. Deana Giovinazzo

Team head coach: Garry Liakoureas
Assistant coach / Team manager: Andrew Burgess
1. Daniel Ventura
3. Matthew Bucello
4. Nikolai Skaler
5. Samuel Chaabani
6. Alex Poore
7. Sam Beninato
8. Sam Di Nucci
9. Jason Spirovski
10. Lochlann McGrath
11. Jayden Zahra
12. Nathan Meneses

Team head coach: Jaroslav Dedic
Assistant coach / Team manager: Greg Lascaris
1. Bethany Mason-Jones
2. Georgia Alberti
3. Emma Heckenberg
4. Maggie Smith
5. Jordyn Nelson
6. Hannah Ryan
7. Marianna Anthony
8. Deanna Fruscalzo
9. Madeline Stockdale
10. Daniela Gudelj
11. Katrina Bellesis
12. Diarna Cartwright

Team head coach: Mark Georgeson
Assistant coach / Team manager: Harry Amiridis
1. Roland De Biase
2. Kevin Barrientos
3. Anthony Brown
4. Jonathan De Biase
5. Anthony Elmer
6. Stephen Gustus
7. Joshua Pulvirenti
8. Hayden Razbocan
9. Laban Stringer
10. Ian Twist
11. Madoc van Ooststroom-Brummel
12. Joe Baker

Team head coach: Spiros Kargas
Assistant coach: Fernando de Moraes
Team manager: Kui Mu
1. Christos Apostolakis
2. Reuben Langerak
3. Adam Cooper
4. Miguel Barrigos
5. Konrad Machoy
6. Matthew Vragovski
7. Jose Portillo
8. Fernando de Moraes
9. Jason Barrientos
10. Maxim Avram
11. Jonathan Barrientos
12. Ryan Timmins

Team head coach: Mark Torcaso
Assistant coach: Sam Mlynarz
Team manager: Stefani Oddo
1. Elizabeth Sarcevic
2. Azize Erenli
3. Claudia Fruscalzo
4. Melissa Missailidis
5. Kristin Stensholt
6. Sienna Fogarty
7. Marijana Rajcic
8. Liesl Woods
9. Tyla-Jay Vlajnic
10. Stephanie Tanti
11. Madelaine Richardson
12. Emily Southwell

Program head coach: Eugene Lawrenz

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