Futsal and Football: Friends or Foes?

Australian Futsal Association

AFA logoHerefordshire Football Club’s new football development officer, Matt Prosser recognises that Football is facing challenges and feels that Futsal might be the answer.

English born Prosser feels that Futsal creates more opportunities for people to play than conventional football does.

“Futsal seems to be more favoured at the moment;

It is not just our county that is suffering with the 11-a-side game it is the whole country and you see the same trends everywhere – the 11-a-side game is dropping off and the small-sided game is growing” Prosser said.

Prosser feels that football has to evolve to keep up with the growing popularity of Futsal.

“The 11-a-side game remains important but it is becoming a lot harder for people to commit to playing football so we have to be creative.” Prosser said.

“Futsal is one formula that we have been able to use. It is a way of maintaining the number of teams that we have so that we can start growing again” Prosser said.

Futsal and football are familiar foes that remain intrinsically bound. Whilst their age old relationship evolves it seems to become less of a rivalry and more of a partnership.

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Australian Futsal Association’s director of coaching Iain Bennett was asked to comment.

Bennett concluded that Football only stands to benefit from the growing popularity of Futsal.

“Futsal is an ever growing model for 11 a side players to develop their personal skills in a tight area, Coming from the UK I know that Futsal is developing quite nicely with key personnel heading initiatives in many areas to provide competitive tournaments on a regular basis.

Since moving to Australia I have witnessed both sides of the game with players who play Futsal demonstrating their skills on a regular basis in the 11 a side version of the game. Due to my background of working with Futsal and 11 a side back home, I believe it is such an advantage for the development of players in the UK.

I have been involved with 11 a side football as well as regular games of futsal both on indoor courts and outdoor turf pitches. When I hear coaches in Australia commenting that Futsal is hampering the development of the players in the 11 a side version of the game it drives me crazy, we only have to look at the two best 11 a side countries in the world who are Brazil and Spain then look at the two best Futsal playing countries in the world who are Brazil and Spain, I don’t need to say anymore, they are developing players who can play both styles very effectively and are at the top of their respected sports.

Futsal will continue to benefit 11 a side players in there development as each player have more touches during games and training. In my opinion sustaining the relationship between Futsal and Football can only be a huge positive for both versions of the game.”

AFA aims to bring Futsal to as many Australian communities as possible, providing opportunities for players of all levels to enjoy the game that we love. We are dedicated to delivering a professional and inclusive product with a friendly and respectful attitude at all times. We see Futsal as a sport, not a form of training for another sport.

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