Futsal gives country teens a shot at Brazil (QLD)


Badke said that despite some very tough games his 16 boys QLD Country team survived the National Competition as good mates.

“We have all become very good mates; our mateship helped us face the tough competition because we stayed positive and supported each other”Badke said.


Cook said that the AFA National Titles were a huge opportunity that helped him develop his Futsal skills.

“Last year I was scouted by National selectors from an inter-school competition. I stood out in the National Titles and was selected as an All Star” Cook said.

Cook said that AFA’s country clubs give regional players,which may not have the same access to sport that metro players do, a chance to compete at a higher level and develop their skills.

“It is fantastic that AFA invites country clubs to compete.National competitions are very challenging and they give regional players an opportunity to compete against tougher teams.

This year I got selected to play up an age group and I can’t believe how much this experience has helped me improve.   I can’t wait to go back to my own age group and show off the new stuff I have learnt” Cook said.

Veteran player Badke said that he enjoys futsal because it is a fast team sport.

“I have played Futsal for over ten years because it is a more of a team sport. Everyone is involved because it is really fast and you get more touches on the ball.”

In the future Badke and Cook are looking forward to representing Country QLD again and possibly playing Futsal overseas.

“I would like to play for Country QLD again next year. Every year that we compete at Nationals we get a little bit better and learn a lot more” Badke said.

“Yeah I hope that we get selected to tour Brazil because it would be an amazing opportunity to improve more so that next year we have abetter chance at finals” Cook said.

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