Group set to jet off to California to represent Australia (QLD)


caliTears flowed when Mackay’s Jasmine Peters found out she had been selected in an Australian team for a 16-day tour of California in October and November this year.

Peters, 11, was one of four girls in the U12 Whitsunday side selected for the Australian team after they competed in the national futsal championships in Sydney.

Together with Jaida Lee, Gemma Shaw and Nikola Williams, they impressed selectors to gain selection for the trip while playing in a team which gave away age and experience to many of their opponents.

“I just started crying when I heard, I was so excited,” Peters said.

She views it as an amazing opportunity.

The Whitsunday team won their last game at the titles and came close in several others.

“It was only the teams that made the finals that really got away on us,” she said.

“I think I learned a lot from it because it was a much more competitive standard than we are used to in Mackay.”

To meet the considerable costs of the trip, the girls are planning a major planning and sponsorship drive, as they did for the Sydney titles.

“We’ll be doing things like raffles and cake sales, and we’d really love to get sponsorships,” she said.

If you can help, contact Julia Shaw on 0407?598?754.

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  1. With all do respect to these innocent players above and all other players in numerous articles flooding futsal4all in relation to this topic.

    But is it is safe to assume that every second child that attended the AFA Futsal Nationals has received the all prestigious “Congratulations you have been selected to represent AUSTRALIA!” email but you will need to hand over Mum and Dad’s hard earned salary and you wont meet all of your fellow teammates until you get to the airport departure gate. Also, no training for your Australian team in preparation for your tour. Who would train as a team if you were representing your country right?

    So much money is being made by these independent organisations but so little is put back in. Non-for-profit my arse, player development my arse.

    Just as bad, or if not worse than the federations. At least we know they don’t care about Futsal. You guys act like you do but its only to make the big $$$$ from the players who self fund everything

  2. The Whitsunday’s team lost 16-0, 14-0, 4-0 and 4-0 at the AFA Nationals. Their sole win was 3-1 against Country Victoria. Yet the Whitsunday’s team had 4 players selection for the Australian team?

  3. Full Court Press obviously has little to no idea about how the selection processes work or the purpose of these tours.

    The tours are representing Australia, they are not Australian teams and this is clearly set out to all invited.

    Also so little put back in……………. Really? You really do not know too much about the system and just stick to throwing your uninformed daggers from a far

  4. Falcao,

    Here is a great opportunity for you to explain the AFA “selection” process in order to be selected for these teams to represent “Australia” because to my knowledge (limited as it may be) practically everyone gets an invitation so AFA can filter down the line until somebody can financially commit to the tour.
    It’s all about the numbers!
    Also nobody ever seems to question the accreditation of the Coaches appointed for these tours.
    Let’s call it for what it is…….a holiday with a bit of futsal thrown in!
    I’ll be honest the AFA selection process of both players and coaches has always escaped me!

    For example the Australian Women’s AFA Team that just participated in the AMF World Cup had SOME quality players in it but then the team is sent away with from what I understand is a non-accredited Coach. So the players pay x amount of dollars to tour and are provided a non accredited Coach…..doesn’t make sense????

  5. falcao, to be fair the above article states “selected for the Australian team”.

    Also what is the purpose of the tour?

  6. Falcao,

    Please enlighten me and educate my pea sized brain on the selection process.

    Because is it not true AFA have emailed a senior men’s player for Australian squad selection however this individual is not even an Australian resident let alone citizen?

    The emails/letters must not be very clear if every person that receives the email/letter believes they have been selected to represent Australia on a tour to the listed destination.

    I’m pretty sure they read along the lines of…..

    “Congratulations on your performance at the 2013 National School Futsal Championships. A selector noticed your high standards of play and as a result you have been selected to be apart of the Australian Futsal team to tour (insert tour destination) in 2014” (This is the letter school players received)

    another example

    “Congratulations on your outstanding performance at the 2012 Futsal Australasian Champions of Champions. Your wonderful display at the tournament was duly recognised by the International Selection Panel and it now my pleasure to invite you to be a representative of Australian Futsal Team 15/16 Boys Futsal Team tour of Brazil 2013”

    and two more recent ones just in case you try to justify that the way things run have changed:

    ‘United Kingdom “Tour of a Lifetime” Futsal Tour October 9th – October 28th 2014’

    “Congratulations on your outstanding performance at the 2014 National Futsal Championships. Your wonderful display at the tournament was duly recognised by the International Selection Panel and it is my pleasure to invite you to be apart of the Australian Futsal team to tour UK.”


    “Congratulations (insert name),

    I am very pleased to inform you that you have been selected in the Australian 13 Boy’s Futsal Team. Your performance at the National Futsal Championships was exceptional and you are being offered a position on the team, to travel to Barcelona in 2014

    For your tour invitation and further details
    – Click here

    To accept and secure your position
    – Click here

    Now if you kindly click this link http://www.mycause.com.au/page/66632 you will see the details of how much these Australian team tours are costing and what they briefly entail and what you get for your $7,500…

    I know for a fact that a Melbourne club toured Spain for just over half that cost and were exposed to one of the top Spanish clubs in the LNFS for $3,900. That cost was for return airfares and transfers, 2 weeks accommodation in a 4 star facility including meals and they played ElPozo Murcia and other teams. This cost was not subsidised by fundraising or sponsorship. However players were able to lower the $3,900 price tag by individual fundraising.

    Another club from the ACT has toured to Spain independently and exposed their players to similar kinds of experiences and clubs for a similar cost. Interesting how a $7,500 figure gets plucked from the sky

  7. Not accredited? Accredited by whom? FFA?

    Some crazy views here on tours these people obviously have no idea about.

    Men’s team has trials so obviously your “non Australian” passport player was invited to that stage, I’d say that would be a common mistake if so and obviously the player is unable to represent Australia

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