Capital FC seeking Head Coach and Manager for F-League (ACT)

Capital Football

Logo - ACT Capital Football Futsal (PNG)Capital Football is seeking expressions of interest for the Head Coach and Team Manager (also acting as Assistant Coach) for the Capital FC F-League Men’s and Women’s teams to be entered in the 2014 competition.

Capital Football was recently successful with an application to field a men’s and women’s team in the Football NSW hummel F-League which will start on 24/25 May and run through to 23/24 August 2014.

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Please click HERE for the Head Coach Position Description

Please Click HERE for the Team Manager Position Description

Applicants must address the qualifications and experience required for the relevant position and submit their interest by 5.00pm on Wednesday 26 March. EoI should be sent to futsal@capitalfootball.com.au. It is expected that the Head Coach appointments will be finalised by 31 March.

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  1. I must say I am surprised to see that these two critical appointments are not not locked down prior to applying to enter the F-League. I am also surprised that FNSW would admit the team to the league without them being in place.

  2. what a joke, i thought eastcoast heat is embarrassing enough, just a made up fleague side. now we have capital fc is this really happening? what about hummel? how much are they putting in to help the league? thats right. nothing! starting to really look like a vikings tournament.

    1. Why shouldn’t a club be established to just play in the F-League? That is exactly what has happened in the A-League.

      1. Compare apples to apples futsaldad the a league sells licences for big bucks in respect to Australian terms. don’t recall seeing a fnsw Fc squad or a back yard cut and paste Fc team so it’s unfair to draw comparisons. The big question is what does this naming sponsor put in & what’s the prize money? We both know the answer & that’s were it is at as long as the teams pay the $5,000 entry fee Vikings fnsw is doing it’s job. Until FFA get behind it it’s a dying shame!

        1. Well I do agree that FFA needs to get behind it. As for ECH, they came 2nd in F-League 2012, so I don’t believe the disparaging comments are warranted.

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