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Logo - Futsal Oz (PNG)With the Elite league season’s winding down we are putting out this statement to notify all players of Elite & Social Team’s of Futsal Oz regarding such issues as movement of Women’s social leagues, Futsal Oz Cup for Men and Women, Catch up games, Playoffs and FAFL issues please be sure to read through the article below to gain a full understanding of what is happening at Futsal Oz Brunswick.

Womens Thursday and Mens Friday Social Leagues

As some will know our Women’s social league is held on a Thursday evening, But with the current growth of the Women’s PEPSI V-League Futsal Oz see’s it ideal the Friday night becomes “Ladies night” at Futsal Oz with both courts holding only women’s fixtures. With the women’s comp moving that will obviously mean that the men’s games which are held on Friday will be moved to Thursday to create a new division 4. The change will come into play as of next season any enquires you are quite welcome to contact Futsal Oz and speak to one of our friendly staff members on – 1300 788 799 or 0438 305 717.

Sunday Social Leagues

With the success of our previous Men’s and Women’s FAFL tournaments we have decided that this years edition will be played 1 week apart on the 5th & 6th of April being the Women’s edition and the 12th and 13th to be the Men’s edition. This will mean that ALL social leagues will not take place over these weekend’s as some may have noticed in their fixtures. Futsal Oz encourages all players to come down and witness the FAFL cup in full swing to fully understand what we are trying to achieve. As with the women we are happy to take calls regarding the fixture postponements on 1300 788 799 or 0438 305 717.

Futsal Oz Cup

With the FOz cup just around the corner it is important that everyone will know how both competitions will work as listed below.

Futsal Oz Cup’s

Both Men’s and Women’s formats will work as below.

1st – Bye
4th vs 5th –                1st vs 4th/5th –

3rd vs 6th –                2nd vs 3rd/6th –
2nd – Bye

Futsal Oz Cup Times

Friday 14th of March – Women’s FOZ Cup

7pm – QF – 4th vs 5th
8pm – QF – 3rd vs 6th
9pm – SF – 1st vs 4th/5th
10pm – SF – 2nd vs 3rd/6th

Sunday 16th of March – Men’s FOZ Cup

3pm – QF –  4th vs 5th
4pm – QF – 3rd vs 6th
5pm – SF – 1st vs 4th/5th
6pm – SF – 2nd vs 3rd/6th
7pm – WFOZ Cup Final
8pm – Men’s FOZ Cup Final

Any enquiries call Futsal Oz – 1300 788 799 or 0438 305 717

Catch Up Games

Below are the proposed times for Mens State League and Women’s V-League catch up games  please call Futsal Oz on 1300 788 799 or 0438 305 717 to confirm or change any games. (Any times that are not taken are available on any given day)

Friday – The 7th of March

6:30pm – Pascoe Vale FC vs Ashburton FC (Womens)
10:30pm – FC Richmond vs EFA Eagles (Womens)

Sunday – 9th of March

2:00pm – FC Northcote vs Brimbank FC  (Mens)
3:00pm –
4:00pm –
5:00pm – Moreland FC vs FC Essendon (Mens)
7:00pm –
8:00pm – CF Brunswick vs FC Melbourne (Mens)
9:00pm – FC Northcote vs FC Balwyn (Mens)

Wednesday 12th of March

6:00pm –
6:45pm –
7:30pm – Pascoe Vale FC vs Ashburton FC (Womens)
8:15pm -Pascoe Vale FC vs Heidelberg FC (Womens)
9:00pm – EFA Eagles vs Heidelberg FC (Womens)
9:45pm – EFA Eagles vs FC Richmond (Womens)
10:30pm – Melbourne Uni FC vs Vic Vipers FC (Womens)

* Please note when all games are confirmed Playoff games for all leagues FIRST LEGS  will be scheduled in available time slots

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