Womens FAFL Cup : Jamilla Hull (VIC)

Futsal Oz

WFAFLFOz: Jamilla, this is your first WFAFL Cup, what are you most looking forward to about the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JH: To play against the best players in the country in the nurturing and promoting environment that Futsal Oz provides. I’m excited to see how I have progressed since nationals and Adelaide Futsal Festival. In a similar manner, since participation and growth in the women’s game has accelerated in Adelaide, it’ll also be a good benchmark to measure up against and see where futsal in Adelaide stands.

FO: How do you think FC Adelaide will go in this year’s WFAFL Cup as a new team in the competition?

JH: I think that our squad is strong. Credit must go out to our coach Raff Frisina who has done some top notch recruiting and put in the time to coach us leading up to the tournament, despite his own preparation to compete in the FAFL the week after.

There is a lot of skill and consistency throughout the team and I believe that it’s realistic for us to be able to make it past the group stage depending on how the draw pans out.

Jamilla-300x284FOz: You have travelled interstate several times to compete with Pascoe Vale FC in the Women’s V-League Premiership here at Futsal Oz. How will you find competing against some of your Victorian teammates in the WFAFL Cup?

JH: It’s not easy competing against a team that I’ve formed such a strong bond with, but on the court, it’s down to business. They know how I play and I know how they play, so I think it’s a matter of changing up my game and trying to bring some unpredictability to the table. They will definitely prove to be a difficult opposition, especially with such a strong defensive record. I am looking forward to the challenge that they’ll bring and may the best team win!

FO: How do you see the standard of Futsal in Adelaide compared with other states?

JH: I believe that women’s futsal in Adelaide is growing quickly. There is a lot of work being done to promote the sport and encourage outdoor players to give it a go. South Australia recently fielded its first ever open women’s team at the FFA Nationals and despite not making finals, we were a competitive squad. With the facilities now available, it’s a matter of consistency and commitment from players.

FOz: How do you see Futsal currently in Australia? What are your expectations/hopes for women’s futsal over the next couple of years?

JH: It’s clear that futsal in Australia is becoming more popular over time and as a result, the standard is improving. The Futsalroos have shown to be competitive on the international stage and I think it’s time for the formation of a female team to be a priority. The AFA have demonstrated that female players in Australia have the skill and ability to perform internationally.

wr15-3-300x176FOz: What is the biggest obstacle women’s futsal players’ face?

JH:  The demands and restrictions that the outdoor game has on players. I believe that if futsal had the same pathway as football, there would be a higher participation rate. Futsal Oz and other futsal organisations play a huge part in integrating the two games for the development of the players, which produces better, more well-rounded footballers and futsal players.

FO: Who are the players in the FC Adelaide squad that fans should keep an eye out for during the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JH: Everyone brings something different to the table and we are all strong players. We all have the ability to defend as well as finish, that’s what will make us dangerous in the 2014 WFAFL.

FOz: Who do you think will be the team to beat the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JH: It would be good to get some revenge against Pascoe from the Adelaide Futsal Festival! Apart from that, I think the NSW teams will be up there.

FOz: What team/player do you draw inspiration from?

JH: I am inspired by Lisa De Vanna. I’ve always looked up to her as a footballer, especially being a left footer. My own team also gives me inspiration; playing with such a talented group of players pushes me to do my best and always give 100%.

FOz: Thanks for your time and Good Luck in the 2014 WFAFL Cup!

JH: Thanks! Bring on the 2014 WFAFL! I’m looking forward to the FROTH!

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