Womens FAFL Cup : Jodie Bain (VIC)

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WFAFLFOz: Jodie, what are you most looking forward to about the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JB: I am looking forward to playing against quality teams as this tournament really brings the best Futsal players in Australia together.  From a Sydney point of view, teams are really strong combining different club sides together!

FOz: This is your second WFAFL Cup, and your team, Parramatta Blues, were the champions of the 2013 WFAFL Cup. Do you think that Parramatta will be able to get the double and be champions two years in a row?

JB: Roy has once again put together a really strong team for this tournament. We have some very versatile and dynamic players, which is exciting for Parramatta.  So yes I have confidence in our team.

FOz: How do you see Futsal currently in Australia? What are your expectations/hopes for women’s futsal over the next couple of years?

JB:  I have seen Futsal change dramatically over the past few years and it has all been positive.  Just in my own experience with WFAFL which was a huge success in 2013, as well as tournaments like our Premier League, the F-League and the World Cup in Colombia in November 2013.  I would like to see the Women’s game be more in line with the men’s and have more tours available for players as they are few and far between currently.


FOz: In November last year, you competed for Australia (and was even named captain) in the AMF Women’s Futsal World Cup held in Barrancabermeja, Colombia and even made it through to the quarterfinals. How did you find this amazing experience? Was the tournament what you expected?

JB:  The AMF Futsal World Cup surpassed my expectations in an unbelievable way. It has been the highlight of my soccer career to date.  Being apart of that team and the tournament itself was humbling; we were treated like celebrities and had thousands of local fans cheering for us, even against the host nation (of course they didn’t want us to win). All in all no, it wasn’t at all what I expected, it was so much more!

FOz: How did you find the level of futsal at an international level, compared to what we have in Australia? Are there any countries that stood out in the way they played?

JB:  The professionalism of the tournament and the people of Barrancabermeja is a real compliment to how advanced Futsal is in South America.  The level of Futsal that was played was mind blowing, especially by the host nation Colombia.  The Colombian team I could easily say stood out to everyone. They were very professional, fast, sharp and the best women’s football players I have seen.

FOz: This year your team in the NSW Futsal Premier League, Enfield Rovers, made it to the Grand Final and only narrowly missed out on being crowned champions after a nail-biting thriller involving extra time and penalties with Campbelltown Quake. What was going through your mind when you took your penalty?

JB: haha this is a sore point, and I had tried to push this one out of the memory, thanks for the reminder – although my team mates do like to remind me weekly at training about it!  Actually Colombia was going through my mind, just to make things worse I missed a penalty in our quarter final against Venezuela (I did hit the post in this one at least – and Pommie also reminds me of this quite often, and before my penalty she may have reminded me one more time).  Lets just say I will never place another penalty in Futsal again, actually I am probably barred from taking one to be honest lol!

FO: Who are the players in the Parramatta Blues squad that fans should keep an eye out for during the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JB: Jo Burgess and Trudy Camilleri are the 2 to keep an eye on, I was lucky enough to grow up playing with Jo (she is the one that got me into Futsal) and I am excited to play with her again – in my opinion she is the best Australia has.  Trudy is dynamic and dangerous just as she was last year! Also you should look out for Pommie because it’s a head you don’t want to miss!

FOz: Who do you think will be the team to beat in the 2014 WFAFL Cup?

JB: We are.

FOz: Thanks for your time and Good Luck in the 2014 WFAFL Cup!


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