Disappointment over age (Solomon Islands)


A Futsal fan has expressed his disappointment on some over age players competed in the Honiara Thunder U16 futsal challenge.

 Patrick Boli echoed his frustration to Star Sports over the weekend.

“This is totally unfair for the U16 players,’’ Boli said.

He said next time when someone wishes to organize competitions in certain age categories they should consider strict conditions.

“All players must show their birth certificates to prove that they are eligible to compete in that particular competition,’’ Boli said.

“We should entertain honesty in such competition ever if it’s for fun or whatever.’’

“If we learn to be honest we can be successful and receive blessings for our honesty.

Boli said he was very disappointed to saw some over age players featured in several teams that took part in the Honiara Thunder U16 Futsal competition which will host their grand final this coming weekend.

“In face this is not the first time I saw such incident happened in the country.

“And if we are serious about developing our players, responsible authorities should entertain honesty,’’ he said.

By Crofton Utukana

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