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07/09/2016 · This is a hidden camera alien abduction prank orchestrated by the Programa Silvio Santos in Brazil. Basically they trap a twosome in a taxi in the video they do it to two separate pairs, then the car breaks down in the woods, the driver gets out, disappears in a UFO's tractor beam, then aliens. Couple of extraterrestrials guys made their friend believe that he was being abducted by aliens in the middle of the night. The prank is one successful and hilarious attempt to scare the crap out of someone. Watch the video below. 07/11/2016 · This Alien Abduction Prank Is Absolutely Terrifying Featured 11/06/2016 in creepy This incredibly elaborate prank was pulled off down in Brazil. Getting Abducted by Aliens - PRANK - Crank Yankers Birchum calls a UFO expert to talk about his recent, questionable alien abduction. About Crank Yankers: Created by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Daniel Kellison, Crank Yankers mak.

Best extraterrestrial alien prank ever. taking pranks to the next level. Adrelatin Entertainment. 09/09/2016 · Taxi passengers left TERRIFIED after elaborate alien abduction prank AN elaborate prank left taxi passengers terrified after they believed they were about to be abducted by aliens. The most terrifying extraterrestrial abduction prank ever!:O How would you react? ufo AREA 51 - Aliens escape & invade 👽🛸 - - 🎥 by @_kingleo. Bahij Kaddoura Comedy. 6,576,658 Views · September 25. 0:30. Ufo sighting over Boulder,. Ufo-Spain Magazine Videos UFO Abduction Prank. This is two videos of an alien abduction prank by some wannabe Steven Spielbergs. It’s not very well done. It doesn’t even happen like that in real life. Except for the guy being taken by the tractor beam. That happens [] ↓ Read the rest of this entry.

30/04/2008 · Roommate Alien Prank Gone Wrong. Rob Chad, Matt & Rob. 12 years ago 29.8K views. Chad hates aliens. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. The Secret KGB ★ Abduction Files Alien Abduction Documentary UFO Case Files ♦ KGB Pyramid Secrets 2. Hezzie John. 0:15. EBOOK ONLINE Intentional Abduction Alien Abduction. Aliens are invading Rhode Island in this classic prank. In this prank I snuck up behind them, clapped twice and when they looked back they get freaked out. I also thought it would be funny to stand at an exit ramp and View On WordPress. Alien abduction. 1435 views. Posted - 02 Oct 2019, 16:40. funny. More funny Gifs. The letter opener. Simple solution. Witcher series summarized. Happy New Year. Totally me. What a surprise. Water balloon prank. Go get that thing for me. This is not New York. The ghost prank.

05/04/2017 · On November 28, 1980, police constable Alan Godfrey experienced what he claims was an alien abduction involving missing time. Don’t Blink. Godfrey had been out on patrol that rainy evening, searching for a herd of missing cattle in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. 14/08/2018 · The alien generally leaves no trace of the human until it's done with it. Alien abductions do get witnessed, but the witnesses are almost always portrayed as a bit mad even when the alien abduction is real in canon. Humans returned from alien abductions usually have.

Couple of extraterrestrials guys made their friend believe that he was being abducted by aliens in the middle of the night. The prank is one successful and hilarious attempt to scare the crap out of someone. Alien Conspiracy theorist. 25 likes. Children I have news.our entire life is a lie and an alien Conspiracy like for "daily" prank videos.

Best Alien Abduction Prank Ever! zeta October 17, 2014. Post Views: 1,134. Share. Tweet. Email. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. At best, Bob Lazar is a shady character. Latest on Aliens & UFO’s. Thai Group Claims to Communicate with Aliens. Alien abduction stories persist in our culture, with some accounts corroborating each other and some being so strange it’s hard not to believe them. These are the most convincing alien abduction stories that are well known as well as over a hundred personal alien abduction.

Alien abduction. 275953 views. Posted - 12 Apr 2019, 12:39. funny. More funny Gifs. For phone addicts. Enjoying life in 2020. Follow each step. Best game ever. Call center scam. Escalator prank gone wrong. Doggo wants to play with little hooman. This animation is lit. Next level flirting. That time of the year.

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