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In this lesson, the presenter explains in detail Wind & its types such as planetary winds, local winds, monsoon winds etc. She also states the difference between land breeze & sea breeze. She further explains the factors that affect wind. She then moves on to explains examples of local wind such as Fohn, Chinook, Tornado etc. 28/01/2016 · Local Wind - Duration: 7:31. myirisproductions 9,813 views. 7:31. Sea vs Land Breeze - Duration:. C7-Periodic Winds upsc ias-Land & Sea Breeze, Mountain & Valley Breeze,Monsoon,Loo,Mistral. - Duration:. L-24 Local Winds.

Types Of Winds. Local Winds. Local winds are those that are created as a result of scenery such as mountains, vegetation, water bodies and so on. They can move from mild to extreme winds in just hours. Good examples of local winds are sea breezes and land breezes, and mountain and valley breezes. Local winds cover very short distances. These local diurnal monsoon winds very commonly are known as land and sea breeze are found in the coastal areas wherein sea breezes blow from sea to land during day time and the land breeze moves from land to sea during the night due to differential heating and cooling of land and water.

Click here to view, download or print flexiprep exclusive Periodic Winds, Monsoon Winds, Local Winds, Hot Winds Part 3. Important for UGC-NET, UPSC-CSE, SSC. Land breeze and sea breeze. This is because as we go down the surface of the earth not only the temperature increases but even pressure and we know that when pressure is applied on liquid the molecules of the liquid gets compressed and it eventually changes into a solid.

29/04/2019 · Find out the list of Famous Local Winds of the World that will help in the enhancement of the general knowledge of aspirant who are preparing for different competitive exams. Atmosphere – Wind Pattern of the world Planetary Winds Planetary winds are also known as permanent or prevailing winds Blow from high to low pressure, over the earth surface & oceans throughout the year & in a particular direction These winds are divided into 3 categories viz. Trade Winds Tropical Easterlies Westerlies Polar winds Polar.

Some of the local winds across the world and how they affect socio-economic conditions of region: Blizzard: It is intensely cold fast blowing wind accompanied by snow, blows in north America. Buran: it blows in central Asia and Siberia. It is a strong cold north easterly wind. Local differences of temperature and pressure produce local winds. Such winds are local in extent and are confined to the lowest levels of the troposphere. Some examples of local winds are discussed below. Loo. StaticCurrent Affairs for GS UPSC CSE Environment Notes.

Important Local Winds World List PDF Download - Local Winds pdf, Important Local Winds World List PDF Download - Local Winds pdfShamal -A hot wind of Iraq and the Persian gulf 18. Austru -Dry blows from the lee side of the mountains in Romania much like fohn. Local wind. Sign up now. to enroll in courses, follow best educators, interact with the community and track your progress. Home Explore Plus. Login Signup Hindi Winds and their Characteristics for UPSC CSE. 7 lessons, 1h 20m. Enroll. 19. Previous. Next. 1. Wind Pattern in Hindi. Local winds occur on a small spatial scale, their horizontal dimensions typically several tens to a few hundreds of kilometres. They also tend to be short-lived lasting typically several hours to a day. There are many such winds around the world, some of them cold, some warm, some wet, some dry. This is because of the absence of Surface winds since winds approaching this belt begin to rise near its margin. Thus, only vertical currents are found. As the larger part of the low pressure belt passes along the oceans, the winds obtain huge amount of moisture. Prelims MCQs Quiz 45: Climatology Geography Climatology portion of geography includes topics like weather, climate, temperature, humidity, pressure belts, atmospheric circulation including winds, cyclones and monsoons etc. This is very important from UPSC point of view. 1.

25/08/2018 · Introduction – Explain what local winds are and how they originate. mention that local winds occur on a small scale over relatively small period of time and are controlled by local conditional factors. Explain the reasons why they are generated such as – topographical discontinuity, differential. 15. Norte -A strong cold northeasterly wind which blows in Mexico. 16. Tehuantepecer -This is a violent, squally wind from north or north-east in S. Mexico. Hot winds 1. Fohn -Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Alps in Switzerland. 2. Chinook- Warm & dry local winds blowing on leeward side of Rockies in USA 3.

IMPORTANT LOCAL WINDS FOR SSC CGL EXAM. List of important local winds. In SSC CGL 2015, questions can be asked from important local winds.This list will be important for All Low As Well as high level Competitive Exams. Every Year Questions Come from this topic. So Guys Remember these names to Score good marks in GS Section. Local Winds: They are localised in a particular region. Different types of Local Winds: aSea and land breezes Sea and land breezes are types of thermal circulation systems that develop at. Winds have different levels of speed, such as “breeze” and “gale”, depending on how fast they blow. Wind speeds are based on the descriptions of winds in a scale called the Beaufort Scale, which divides wind speeds into 12 different categories, from less than 1 mph to more than 73 mph.

It sounds like you’re looking for the best place on your property to put a wind device. If so, then in addition to the three wonderful answers already given, consider obstructions and wind variability “right here.” If you site downwind from a barn. The UPSC Mains date 2019 has been announced by the commission. The UPSC Calendar 2019 consisting the date of Prelims Exam, Mains Exam, Interview as well as the dates of submission of application forms for UPSC 2019 has been released in the IAS Notification 2019. it depends on place and climate in which winds are blowing example of above stated statement is that if you are living in a cold climatic country then definately local or seasonal winds blowing in your area will bring cold weather only. similarly if winds are blowing from sea to land then weather will be cool and humid and if they are blowing. The winds in the upper atmosphere, 2 – 3 km above the surface, are free from frictional effect of the surface and are controlled by the pressure gradient and the Coriolis force. When isobars are straight and when there is no friction, the pressure gradient force is balanced by the Coriolis force and the resultant wind blows parallel to the.

Table of Contents Landforms and Cycle of ErosionKarst Landforms and Cycle of ErosionCavernArch/Natural BridgeSink Hole/Swallow HoleKarst WindowSinking Creeks/BogasStalactite and Stalagmite Karst Landforms – Cavern, Arch/Natural Bridge, Sink Hole/Swallow Hole, Karst Window, Sinking Creeks/Bogas, Stalactite and Stalagmite. Landforms and Cycle. Weather and wind forecasts in your area. Windfinder offers wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 45000 places worldwide. Windfinder is specialized in measurements and forecasts for wind, waves, tides and weather for wind-related sports, such as kitesurfing,. The general atmospheric circulation is large scale movement of air. The planetary winds, trade winds, seasonal winds, and local winds forms essential part of this atmospheric circulation. Whereas, the general movement of a mass of oceanic water in.

LOCAL WINDS IN INDIA 9. BASIC INFORMATION AND EXAMPLES OF LOCAL WINDS IN INDIA Winds, caused by local factors and confined to a limited area compared to planetary winds, are called local winds. Some well known examples of local winds are given below: Land breeze: It is a common local wind that affects only coastal area. UPSC Geography Optional Syllabus is given below. You can take your pdf copy from here. We help in IAS prelims and optional subject preparation to excel in UPSC exam 2018, get all ranging from the mains syllabus to books list and other tips. Local winds are the kind of winds that are focused as part of daily weather by the meteorological department on broadcast media such as radio and TV. The speeds of local winds range from mild to strong but just for a few hours, and they only blow over short distances.

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