About Futsal4All

Hi, and welcome to Futsal4all.

First launched in May 2008, this site has been put together with the view of becoming a one stop shop for Futsal News, Events and Discussion within Australia and New Zealand.

One of the goals of the site is to eventually be run by the Futsal community itself. We supply the site and setup, and the content and direction will flow from those who are genuinely interested in seeing Futsal thrive in Aussie & NZ.

Futsal4All is open to anyone and everyone. From those playing just Mixed games once a week in their local Gym right through to the top players representing their countries. Supporters, Coaches, Parents, Officials. No matter what your level of involvement in Futsal, we want to hear from you! If you have your own team website, let us know and we’ll happily include it here to give you a wider audience.

As you can see we have only a small amount of advertising on the site, as we’re not in it to make a profit. We plan to include more Futsal related ads further down the track, for items of genuine use to the Futsal community, but this is secondary to the main goal of getting it all running smoothly and being that one-stop resource for Futsal news.

We’re reachable on a number of domains, and they all point to this one site. So even if you mistype, there is a good chance you’ll still get through to us :


About the Site

All the dates and times you see on the site at the moment are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). We are primarily Sydney based at the moment and the times reflect that.

Futsal4All primarily uses WordPress, with various plugins added in to aid with some of the fancier bits. The WordPress template we are using is Theme X.

A lot of the news articles on the site are sourced from a number of different websites. Credit is always given to those sites within the articles, with direct links to them where appropriate. It is not our goal to take credit for other peoples work. If articles have been adjusted or re-written to suit our site, it will be indicated clearly also.


I want to be part of the Futsal4All team, how can I help?

We are looking for people to help with the site and for fresh ideas for what we can add to it. In particular, anyone who is happy to fly the flag for their own state or country and can send through news and updates to us.

If you have tips, comments or even ideas on your own regular column for the site, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line on the Contact form and we can chat.

Why don’t you have a link to <sitename>?

We don’t have a link because we probably don’t know about it. Let us know and we’ll add it to the site.

How do the comments for each article work?

Comments are allowed but are moderated by the Admin. Aliases are allowed as the logistics of confirming every posters ID would be both difficult and time consuming (and ultimately still fallible), and would also discourage people from contributing to the overall discussion. Open discussion is what we are eager to encourage.

How can I get an article removed from Futsal4All?

Send us an email with your request via our Contact page. Please include the link to the page in question, and we will review it as soon as we can.

Will it cost me anything to have an article or news item published on Futsal4all?

No, its all free.

Can I advertise on Futsal4all?

Yes, if it is Futsal related. Drop a line to admin@futsal4all.com to discuss options.

How can I get something published on Futsal4all?

Email your submission to admin@futsal4all.com and it will be put online. Be sure to include any pictures or logos you want shown as well.

Can I reprint something from Futsal4all on my own website?

Yes certainly. We request that you include a mention or a link to Futsal4all when you do so. At a minimum, if you do not want to credit Futsal4all, then please ensure you credit the original source of the news item (listed at the top and bottom of all articles).

Where and how do you get all of your news items?

We use a combination of web-based website checking software (OnWebChange), Google Alerts and directly emailed reports from our readers.

OnWebChange monitors just over 130 URLs we see as relevant, and we utilise Google Alerts to monitor keywords like ‘futsal’ and ‘indoor soccer’ across web pages, blogs, groups and videos. Those alerts get emailed to us once per day.

Once we find an article we think is relevant for our readers, we manually post it on Futsal4all. None of our news entries are automated at all, as we prefer to hand-pick and publish only relevant items. Whilst this way is a bit slower, we feel it ensures minimal ‘crap’ stories are posted.

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